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11 Classification of IC Engines-Every Mechanical Engineer must know

11 Classification of IC Engines-Every Mechanical Engineer must know:IC Engines stands for Internal Combustion Engines which can have Higher Overall Efficiency,Low Weight to Power Ratio,Requires less space and has Greater Mechanical Simplicity.IC Engines are classified in various ways depending on their functional characteristics.In this Article,11 Classification of IC Engines were discussed and are as follows.

classifications of IC Engines
classifications of IC Engines

11 Classification of IC Engines:

The classification of IC Engines are as follows.

  1. Number of Strokes
  2. Type of Ignition
  3. Basic Engine Design
  4. Working Cycle
  5. Fuel used
  6. Method of Fuel Supply
  7. Method of Cooling
  8. Cylinder Arrangement
  9. Engine Speed
  10. Method of Charging
  11. Applications

Detailed classification of IC Engines:

The Detailed classification of IC Engines was presented below.

1.Number of Strokes:

  1. Four Stroke Engines
  2. Two Stroke Engines

2.Based On Type of Ignition

  1. Spark Ignition Engines

 Spark Is Generated through an External Source

 b.Compression Ignition Engines

 Air Is Heated to a Sufficiently High Temperature Because of High Compression Ratio

3.Basic Engine Design:

  1. Reciprocating Engines
  2. Rotary Engines (Wankel Engine)

4.Working Cycle:

  1. Engines working on OTTO Cycle (SI Engines)
  2. Engines working on DIESEL Cycle (CI Engines)

5.Fuel used :

  1. Gasoline or Petrol Engines
  2. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Engines
  3. Diesel Engines

6.Fuel Supply:

  1. Carbureted type- Fuel supplied through Carburetor
  2. Injection type- Fuel supplied through injector

 Fuel injected into the cylinder just before Ignition.

7.Method of Cooling

  • Cooling Is Essential for the Satisfactory and Healthy Working Of the Engine (Otherwise Results In Engine Seizing)

Two Types of Engine Cooling In Practice

  1. Air-cooled Engine
  2. Water Cooled Engine

8.Type Of Cylinder Arrangements

  • V- Engine
  • Opposed Cylinder Engine
  • Opposed Piston Engine
  • Radial Engine
  • X-type Engine
  • H-type Engine

9.Classification Based On Engine Speed

  • Low Speed – up to 500 rpm
  • Medium Speed – 500 to 1000 rpm
  • High Speed – above 1000 rpm

10.Classification Based On Method of Charging

a.Naturally Aspirated Engines

Admission of Fuel-air Mixture at Near Atmospheric Pressure

b.Super-charged Engines

Admission of Fuel- Air Mixture Under Pressure (Above Atmospheric)

11.Classification Based On Applications:

  • Motor cycle engine
  • Automobiles
  • Earth Movers
  • Locomotive engine
  • Marine engine
  • Aero engine
  • Prime movers for Electric Generators

This is the complete Classification of IC Engines in detailed.If you have any doubt feel free to ask from the comments section.


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