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3 Types of Marking Out Tools, Work Holding Devices, Striking tools used in Fitting-PDF

3 Types of Marking out Tools used in Fitting – Engineering Workshop PDF: Marking out Tools are used to mark the given measurement on the surface of the workpiece.

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The 3 Types of Marking out Tools used in Fitting in Engineering workshop are as follows.


2.Dot punch

3.Center punch

5 types of marking tools used in fitting

The Measuring Tools used in Engineering workshop are as follows.

1.Steel rule

2.Measuring Tape

3.Surface  Plate


5. Try square

6.Inside caliper

7.Outside caliper

8.Odd leg caliper

9.Vernier Calipers


11.Depth Gauge

3 Types of Marking out Tools used in Fitting:

The Detailed Explanation of Marking out Tools used in Fitting are shown below.


  • A scriber is a steel tool, used to scribe or mark lines on metal workpieces.
  • It can be used in conjunction with a try square.

scriber-marking tools in fitting

2.Dot Punch:

  • It is used to specify the path of cutting.
  • Firstly, the path is to be marked with a scriber and then with the help of dot punch,the path is hitted by a hammer.
  • For this purpose, the punch is ground to a conical point having 60 degrees included angle.
Dot punch-marking tools used in fitting
Dot punch-marking tools used in fitting

3.Center Punch:

  • This is similar to the dot punch, except that it is ground to a conical point having 118 degrees included angle.
  • It is used to mark the location of the holes to be drilled.


center punch-marking tools used in fitting

Work Holding Devices in Fitting -Engineering Workshop:

The holding devices are used to hold the workpiece or specimen to make various operations on it. Around 5 work holding devices are presented in this article in a detailed manner.

The various work holding devices are

  1. Workbench
  2. Bench Vice
  3. Pipe Vice
  4. Hand Vice
  5. Toolmakers vice

The detailed explanation was shown below.

5 types of work holding devices
5 types of work holding devices

Work Holding Devices in Fitting:

1.Work Bench:

  • It is used to hold various components on its surface.
  • It also gives support to a human while performing various operations.
Work bench-Work Holding device

2.Bench Vice:

  • Bench Vice is a holding tool which is used to hold the specimen or the workpiece between the two jaws.
bENCH VICE used in Engineering workshop
Bench Vice
  • The Parts of Bench Vice are

a. Jaws

      – Fixed Jaw

      – Movable Jaw



Parts of Bench Vice-Explanation:


The Jaws are used to hold the workpiece by rotating the handle. In that, one jaw is fixed and the other is movable.


All the parts like a handle, jaws etc.are connected to the body of a bench vice.


  If the handle is rotated in CW direction, then the workpiece is fixed between two jaws.

  If the handle is rotated in CCW direction, then the workpiece is loosened from the jaws.

3.Pipe Vice:

  • It is similar to Bench Vice but here the Circular/Cylindrical components are to be placed in between the upper and lower jaws due to the curvature of existing jaws.
pipe vice-work holding device
Pipe vice
  • The Parts of pipe vice are handle, screw spindle, movable and fixed jaws, etc.

4.Hand vice:

  • A hand vice is a tool which is designed to hold the workpieces in between the jaws.
hand vice-work holding device
Hand vice
  • The wingnut is tightened in CW direction to hold the w/p and loosened in CCW direction.

5.Tool maker’s vice:

  • The screw-driven movable jaw for applying clamping force. 

tool makers vice-work holding devices

  • Made from hardened alloy steel.
  • Single piece construction with V-grooved Jaws.
  • All surface including Jaws and Base are precision ground square and

This is the complete explanation about Work Holding Devices in Fitting in Engineering Workshop in a detailed manner. If you have any doubts, you can contact us from the comments section.

Striking Tools Used in Engineering Workshop:

These tools are used to strike or hit the workpiece by the application of external force.

The Three Types of striking tools used in carpentry workshop are as follows.

1. Cross-peen hammer

2. Claw hammer

3. Mallet

Striking tools used in engineering workshop
Striking tools used in an engineering workshop

1. Cross-peen hammer:

  • It has a cast Steel body and a wooden handle.

  • The body has two parts. They are: face and Peen.

  • In cross peen hammer, the peen is in the form of narrow round edge used to remove the unwanted material from the workpiece.

2.Claw hammer:

  • It is used for striking as well as for pulling the nails from the wood.

  • The claw face is used for pulling out the nails and the head face is used to drive the nails.

  • It is made up of cast Steel.


  • It is used to strike the chisel on a wooden component.

  • It is made up of hardwood and is round or rectangle in shape.

    These are the different Striking Tools used in Engineering Workshop.

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