Every Actor uses dialogues in their movies and out of the few may Rise and few may fail. In the same regard, A Mechanical Engineer has various dialogues to put in his Mechanical Engineering Career and a few of them are listed below. Just go through all the 95 Mechanical Engineering Quotes and check which suits you the most.

Mechanical Engineering Quotes:

The Mechanical Engineering Quotes that every Mechanical Engineering Aspirant must use are as follows.

  1. No TECH without MECH.
  3. Got the Nerve to dare ME?
  4. I believe in the Big Bang theory.
  5. It’s not that I can’t explain, it’s just that you wouldn’t understand.
  6. ME – The God Father of Engineering.
  7. Mechanical Engineer, I’m kind of Big Deal….!!
  8. Mechanical, Rule the World..!
  9. Shame on you girls still I am single — THE MECHANICAL ENGINEER
  10. We are the gear of tomorrow.
  11. Trust me I am an ME.
  12. Who has two thumbs and loves being a Mechanical Engineer?.
  13. Casting the world, Forging the campus, Shaping the universe, Welding the rest of all branches, Bcoz, We are the Men, We are the machine, and we are Mechanical Engineer’s
  14. Can do it again & again I Reciprocate..!
  15. Without ME, Physics is just a theory.
  16. We Mech the world.
  17. When there is a Fault I Fix the NUT, yeah that’s ME.
  18. When we shine we Lighten the world, When we think we Turn the world, When we stand we rule the world, We are Kings of all…Mechanical Engineers!
  19. We do it FOUR STROKE way.
  20. We build Machines that Build Machines.
  21. We are the ones your mom had warned you about!
  22. Suck, Squeeze, Bang, and blow – This is how I Love to do it.
  23. We crank up the lives, We shift up the gears, Beware of us, bcoz we are the “Mechanical Engineers”.
  24. We are studs…We screw from both sides.
  25. No Teeth No World, No Gears No World.
  26. Mercury level is raising because Mechanical is on Fire.
  27. No Fluctuation, No error bcoz Royal Mechanical will rule Forever.
  28. Religion: Engineer; Caste: Mechanical.
  29. So what if you are not a Mech Engineer everybody is not born Perfectionist.
  30. Feeling Lonely at the Top!!! – Mech. Engg.
  31. Mechanical engineers do it with less energy and greater efficiency.
  32. Mechanical Engineers can become a mechanic; a software engineer cannot become a software
  33. Mine is not to ask Why Mine is to Tool and die..!
  34. MECHANICAL ENGINEER – It is what it is…
  35. Mechanical Engineers do it automatically.
  36. ME Engineers do it with precision.
  37. Mam, please enter the RPM.
  38. Law of mechanical repair: After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you will have to pee.
  39. Let me tighten your BOLTS!
  40. I couldn’t fix your brakes. So I made your Horn Louder.
  41. Join us or dare to bit us…
  42. If you like me raise your Hand else to raise your Standard – I am just ME!
  43. Machinist does it with Precession.
  44. I SCREW for a Living.
  45. Hammer rules the world, no one can replace us.
  46. Harmony with nature, than any other creature.
  47. I am not a NUT but I can SCREW well.
  48. Is Hell endothermic or exothermic?
  49. If it isn’t broken, take it apart and fix it.
  50. Let me check your HORN.
  51. Have you checked your oil lately?
  53. Give me a lever long enough & much space to stand I will move wholly the earth.
  54. Had we, a place to stand upon, we might raise the world.
  55. I am not a mechanic but a MECHANICAL ENGINEER
  56. Inspiration is only beginning rest is all about being ME!.
  57. Gentlemen, I will start your Engines.
  58. From Screwing to Manufacturing… We do it all…
  59. Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Which is why Engineers sometimes smell really bad.
  60. Ask ME about my TOOLBOX!
  61. 2 years ago-Logical, 1-year ago-Digital, Forever it’s Mechanical.
  62. Can you hate ME??
  63. Casting the world, Forging the campus, Shaping the universe, Welding the rest of all branches, Bcoz, We are the Men, We are the machine, and we are Mechanical Engineers.
  65. Dad’s pit screw.
  66. East or West, Mech is best.
  67. The nut is as per bolt.
  68. Royal Mech — We know how to screw……..!!!
  69. Suck-squeeze-Suck Squeeze We do it in a 4 stroke way.
  70. We always screw safely!
  71. They came…They saw… But mech conquered.
  72. When there is a Fault I Fix the NUT, yeah that’s ME.
  73. Once it was Constructional, then it was Logical, it was sinusoidal but Forever it was Mechanical.
  74. We have what it takes what you have.
  75. When we Screw, even Metals Cry….!!
  77. MECH Dares, all other just STARES.
  78. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – Profession for intelligent people.
  79. Mechanical Engineers: The world does revolve around us.
  80. Make a way for mighty MEXX or get screwed. Machines Rule the World, We rule the Machines…
  81. Mechanical Engineer does it with fluid dynamics.
  82. Never take ME as granted…!!!
  83. Rear End Collision Specialist.
  84. When the Mechanical rest, the World rust.
  85. We mech— WE MOVE THE WORLD!!!.
  86. Mechanical engineers do it with less stress and strain.
  87. ME…. This is what an engineer looks like…
  88. I’m a Mechanical Engineer Not a magician.
  89. If you are not living life on the edge you are simply taking too much space….—-MEXX ATTITUDE.
  90. Highly MECHANIZED.
  91. Engineers do it with precision.
  92. Can do it again & again I Reciprocate..!
  93. A vibration is a motion that cannot make up its mind which way it wants to go.
  94. Civil Engineers build targets, Mechanical Engineers build planes and missiles.
  95. Every nut needs a bolt.

This is the list of Mechanical Engineering Quotes that every Mechanical Engineering Aspirant must use in his Career.

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