QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE:In general,Aptitude plays a vital role in our day to day life.But in the case of competitive exams it provide marks to us so that we can be placed in any of the company.And for that reason,we require an immense study on quantitative aptitude and reasoning in a detailed manner.Therefore in this article,I am going to explain about the different concepts of Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning in a detailed manner.


Explanation on Quantitative Aptitude:

As we know that the Quantitative aptitude is classified into two fragments.One is the Arithmetical Ability and the other is the Data Interpretation.In this article,I will be explaining about some of the concepts of Arithmetical ability and the rest will be updated soon.The concepts under Arithmetical Ability that I am introducing into this article are as follows.

  • Coding and Decoding
  • Ratio’s and Proportions
  • Alphabets Position
  • Mensuration
  • Blood Relations
  • Speed Maths
  • LCM & HCF

The explanation of the above mentioned concepts with the respective numerals are as follows:

1.Coding and Decoding:

Coding and Decoding plays a  vital role in the field of civilians.Mostly the people of army uses this tricks so that the opposition cannot  understand what they are talking about.And moreover the thieves etc.people can use these tricks as a way of communication in their routine lives.Therefore we should also have to focus on coding and decoding to know better when compared to all.They are two videos  of coding and decoding which are presented in two halves with the help of an audio facility and is as follows.

 These two videos are enough to compete with any exam.

2.Ratio’s and Proportions:

Here in this section,I will be explaining you about the various formulas of ratio’s and proportions,simple tricks of proportions which can consume a small period of time in the examination hall.If you can go by general method,it takes 10-15 minutes easily and your answer may be or may not be right.Therefore follow these simple videos to learn a lot and consume your time in exam hall.

3.Alphabets Position:

We know how to write the alphabets from A-Z but how many of you know the exact position of alphabets?Mostly around 40% can know this answer but what about the rest?Therefore in this article,I am going to explain you about the position of Alphabets in a detailed manner with the help of a story and some funny situations and you will be memorized this concept within the session and that is guaranteed.They are two videos in this section.One is about memorizing alphabets and the other is about the sentence containing all the alphabets and which are presented below.


Mensuration involves calculation of Total surface area,volume,lateral surface area,circumference,perimeter,sides etc.and the concepts are based on cylinder,sphere,cone,square,rectangle,cube etc.The set of videos representing these concepts are as follows.

5.Blood Relations:

One question from the concept of Blood relations is of guaranteed in any of the competitive exam.So we need to focus on the structure of blood relations in detailed.In this section,I will be explaining you about the main structure or Tree diagram of blood relations in detailed manner and is as follows.The rest of the videos related to this concept are updated soon.

6.Speed Maths and Puzzles:

Speed maths can be done for consuming time in the examination hall by means of simple techniques.They are some of the videos of speed maths and puzzles which an reduces your time if  you learn and practice well.They are as follows.

7.Concepts of LCM & HCF:

If you are writing any placement papers then the concepts of LCM & HCF are damn sure.There fore a thorough preparation is to be necessary to adopt the concepts of  LCM & HCF in an effective manner.Almost all the concepts of LCM & HCF are presented below in which one question is compulsory for the competitive exam and the videos of them are as follows.

This is the complete explanation of all types of concepts in a detailed manner.The rest of the concepts under Arithmetic Ability and Data Interpretation are updated as soon as possible.

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