All types of Hole features used in CATIA V5

Hole features used in CATIA V5:Hole Feature is used to create a hole on the surface of a structure or a component so that the bolt is tightened into it in order to increase the strength and reduce the stress concentration.In this article I am going to explain about the detailed explanation of All types of Hole features used in CATIA V5.

All types of Hole features used in CATIA V5:

They are different types of holes which are mentioned below.
1.Simple Hole
2.Counter board  
3.counter sunk
5.counter drilled.
       With Respects To the structure,the type of hole is defined.

Explanation of All types of Hole features:

                 A “hole” option is used in CATIA either by clicking the ‘hole’ feature from the tool bar or going to Insert-Sketch based features-Hole. A dialogue box opens which consists of
3.Thread definition.
The explanation of the above mentioned are shown below

1. Extension:

It consists of 
  • Blind
  • Up to next
  • Up to last
  • Up to plane
  • Up to surface
The above extension subs indicates the extension of the hole into the component either Blind or up to Next surface or up to Last surface or up to a Particular plane or up to a Surface.
2. Type:
It consists of different types of ‘Hole types’
  •      Simple hole
  •      Centerboard
  •      Counter drilled
  •      Tapered
  •      Counter sunk
According to the need, the hole is to be chosen.
3. Thread definition:
  •       Right handed thread
  •       Left handed thread
All types of Hole features used in CATIA V5
All types of Hole features used in CATIA V5
Therefore this is the complete explanation of hole in CATIA V5.
                 In this article,I use a “simple hole type” feature with ‘Blind’ as the extension type for the component. Click on Type as Simple Hole and Extension as ‘Blind’. In Blind as an extension type, Diameter and Depth is given and “Bottom” direction of the path is to be chosen as Flat or V-Bottom. If V-Bottom is chosen, provide an angle for that hole.
Different Types of hole features that you must Know:
 These are the different types of hole features which are well explained in CATIA V5.

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