125+Updated List of Automation and Mechatronics projects for Mechanical students:Automation and Mechatronics plays a vital role in the field of mechanical engineering.

Many of the companies like Hyundai,Audi,BMW,Mercedes etc uses Automation as their regular use in their companies which make easy for them to do the job much more efficient when compared to humans and that’s the main reason that the humans are not getting jobs

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To know about the concepts of Automation and Mechatronics,I will be presenting the list of updated Automation and Mechatronics projects for mechanical students in a detailed manner.

Automation and Mechatronics projects

125+ Updated List of Automation and Mechatronics projects:

  1. Sensor fusion based vacant parking slot detection and tracking with RFID
  2. Fabrication of unaided automatic tri cycle
  3. Potato peeling and slicing machine (automatic)
  4. Pneumatic controlled steps in bus with break locking system
  5. Design and fabrication of double axis drilling machine
  6. Fabrication of wall climbing robot (by using magnet)
  7. Prevention kit for driving two wheeler without helmet
  8. Automatic paint spaying equipment
  9. Fabrication of quantity based sorting machine
  10. Electro hydraulic system for automation in vehicle
  11. Automatic board cleaner with vacuum dust cleaner
  12. Automated paper cup feeding and making machine
  13. Automatic packing control machine
  14. Intelligent active suspension system for two wheeler
  15. Sensor operated fire fighting AGV (Automatic)
  16. Design and fabrication of modified sand muller
  17. Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system
  18. Automatic car parking system for apartment building
  19. Automobile dual side wiper system with mist control
  20. Engine cooling and fuel preheating using peltier element
  21. Wireless joystick operated machine tool for lathe
  22. Design and automation of smart blind stick
  23. SMS based automatic vehicle accident information system
  24. Semi automatic wall plastering machine
  25. Fabrication of pneumatic garrage door opener
  26. Automatic vehicle accident information system
  27. Remote controlled handicapped wheel chair cum bed
  28. Automation of front plate assembly of rotary switch
  29. Fabrication of automatic foot board break system for car
  30. Automatic foot dust cleaning machine
  31. Automatic car window opening by using sound and oxygen sensor
  32. Anti dazzling head light for two wheeler
  33. Fabrication of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  34. Eye blink sensor based automatic bumper and breaking System
  35. Electronic fuel Injection (EFI) system for two wheeler
  36. GSM based two wheeler security system
  37. Wheel chair using shadow and touch screen
  38. Fabrication and automation of vibro cleaning process in a typical die casting industry
  39. Over speed indication and automatic accident avoiding system for four wheeler
  40. Automatic railway track crack detecting vehicle
  41. Automatic dish washing machine
  42. Mobile automatic rubber tapping system
  43. Safety system to avoid accident when driver is in sleep
  44. Fabrication of three axis CNC milling machine
  45. Automatic humidification system
  46. Fabrication of airbag automation
  47. Automatic steering alignment system with head light dim/bright controller
  48. Pneumatic auto feed drilling machine
  49. Quick tool retrieval system for industry
  50. Fabrication of Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)
  51. Fabrication of automatic shoe polishing machine
  52. Automatic turbo charger at low and high speed
  53. Automatic speed breaker for preventing accident in school zone
  54. Multi tasked smart wheel chair for physically challenged people
  55. Fabrication of paper recycling machine
  56. Automatic steering control system for automobile
  57. Automatic differential unit locking system
  58. Automatic sheet metal feeding and cutting machine
  59. Automatic speed breaker depending upon vehicle over speed control
  60. Design and fabrication of Self balancing vehicle

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  1. Joystick control wheel chair for physically challenged people
  2. Automated prosthetic leg for physically challenged
  3. GPS based vehicle root tracking system
  4. Automatic engine oil alerting system
  5. Sensor operated automatic ramming machine
  6. Fabrication of semi automatic weed remover
  7. Remote operated wireless crane control system
  8. Automatic rain sensing window for home
  9. Two wheeler automation with security system
  10. Automatic gear changer In bicycle
  11. Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision
  12. Semi automated areca nut/coconut collecting conveyor
  13. Fabrication of button operated hydraulic jack
  14. Automatic vehicle accident prevention system
  15. Remote controlled hydraulic jack trolley
  16. Motorized 3-axis electro chemical drilling machine
  17. Automatic boring mechanism for foundries
  18. Design and fabrication of Cam shaft operated automatic gear change for two wheeler
  19. Design and fabrication of automatic pneumatic printing press
  20. High efficient cooling system with help of BLDC motor
  21. Integrated drunk and drive prevention system
  22. Automatic side stand retriever system for two wheeler
  23. Accident avoiding system for punching machine
  24. 90 degree turning steering mechanism
  25. Sensor operated Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  26. Automatic color code sensing punching machine
  27. Fabrication of electrode flux remover
  28. Mechanical can crusher with automatic feeding mechanism
  29. Highways high speed sensing and automatic pneumatic braking system
  30. Fabrication of remote operated weapon system
  31. Automatic break in hill station
  32. Automatic distance measurement and braking system by using ultrasonic waves
  33. Fabrication of anti theft steering system
  34. Touch screen based automatic gear shifting system
  35. Mine detecting hover craft with camera
  36. Automated over tank cleaning system
  37. Fabrication of automatic punching/printing conveyor
  38. Fabrication of multi safety system in bumper
  39. Automation of steer-by-wire system for cars
  40. Vehicle ignition using RFID and finger print sensor
  41. Automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone
  42. Automatic acceleration control in traffic signal
  43. Punching machine using whit worth mechanism (Automatic)
  44. Sensor based inspection conveyor
  45. Automatic air delivered system based on density of oxygen in car cabin
  46. Automatic book reading aid for handicapped people
  47. Hydraulic based emergency rescue ladder
  48. Automatic vehicle over loading alert system
  49. Step climber planetary gear mechanism
  50. Sensor operated foot dust cleaner
  51. Automatic over load indication for bridge
  52. Automated side stands with breaking locking System
  53. Sensor based automatic water level sensing crane
  54. Automatic car covering system
  55. Automatic parking and breaking system
  56. Automatic safety systems for Railway coaches
  57. Automatic voice controlled wheel chair
  58. Fabrication of anti drown vehicle
  59. Automatic double axis pneumatic JCB equipment
  60. Automatic agarbatti incense stick counting and packing machine
  61. Fabrication of automatic weighing and packing machine
  62. Automatic drunk and drive avoiding with helmet locking system
  63. Visual landing gear arrangement with tyre pressure inflation system
  64. Automatic fire fighting cum material handling vehicle
  65. Design of automatic plastic separation module for municipal solid waste
  66. Shaft driver bicycle with 2 speed automatic gear transmission system
  67. Automatic stair climbing wheel chair

This is the complete updated list of Automation and Mechatronics projects for Mechanical and Diploma students in a detailed way.

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