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Difference Between the Fuel Injector and Spark Plug [PDF]

Written By Mohammed SHAFI

feature image of Spark Plug VS Fuel Injector

Hello readers, In the last article, we had discussed the Components and Classification of IC Engines whereas, in this session, we will be discussing the Difference Between the Fuel Injector and Spark Plug in a detailed way along with their definitions. What is a fuel injector? As the name indictes that it injects the fuel into the combustion chamber in … Read More

What are the Components of an IC Engine?

Written By Saswata Baksi

feature image of Parts of IC Engine

Hello readers, In today’s article, I will discuss some important components of an IC engine with their functions.  Internal Combustion Engine aka IC Engine is a heat engine which works on either the Otto cycle or diesel cycle. In this type of engine, the combustion of the fuel occurred inside the engine. And produced thrust which applies to some components … Read More

Types of Axles: Front Axle, Rear Axle and Stub Axle [PDF]

Written By Mohammed SHAFI

Types of Axles feature image

An Axle is a shaft for rotating wheels of the vehicle. One end of the axle is connected to the differential via Sun gear and the other end is connected to the wheels. In the last article, we had discussed Synchromesh Gearbox and Epicyclic Gearbox which comes under manual and Automatic Transmissions. In today’s class, we can discuss on Types … Read More

Constant Mesh Gearbox: Components, Working Principle, Advantages, Disadvantages, Applications [PDF]

Written By Mohammed SHAFI

constant mesh gear box

This is one of the transmission systems in automobiles which is advanced of Sliding Mesh Gearbox. Constant Mesh Gearbox will come under Manual Transmission and overcome the limitations of Sliding Mesh Gearbox, the Constant Mesh Gearbox has come into the picture. There are 3 types of Gearbox present in the subject of Automobile Engineering. They are Sliding Mesh Gearbox Constant … Read More

Sliding Mesh Gearbox: Components, Working, Advantages, Disadvantages, and Applications [PDF]

Written By Mohammed SHAFI

In automobiles, Sliding Mesh Gearbox is one of the transmission system which is of oldest type. As we have two types of Transmission systems, one is the Manual Transmission and the other is Automatic Transmission. In the last session, we had discussed the Cone clutch, Electromagnetic clutch, and Single Plate Clutch and whereas we are moving towards the Transmission system … Read More