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Bench Vice Used In Engineering Workshop

Bench Vice used in Engineering Workshop: Bench Vice is a holding tool which is used to hold the specimen or the workpiece in between the two jaws. One is the fixed jaw and the other is the movable jaw threaded in and out by a lever and screw.

  • The Parts of Bench Vice are

a. Jaws

      – Fixed Jaw

      – Movable Jaw



bENCH VICE used in Engineering workshop
Bench Vice

Explanation-Parts of Bench Vice:


The Jaws are used to hold the workpiece by rotating the handle. In that, one jaw is fixed and the other is movable.


All the parts like the handle, jaws etc.are connected to the body of bench vice.


  • If the handle is rotated in CW direction, then the workpiece is fixed between two jaws.
  • If the handle is rotated in CCW direction, then the workpiece is loosened from the jaws.

Other Types of Vice:

Other kinds of vice include:

  • Hand vises
  • Diemakers’ vice
  • Angle vises
  • Compound slide vises are more complex machine vises. 
  • Cross vises, which can be adjusted using lead screws in the X and Y axes
  • Off-center vises
  • Rigging vice
  • Shaker broom vice
  • Sine vises
  • Rotary vises
  • Trailer hitch vice
  • Saw vices – used for sharpening hand saws
  • Pin vises (for holding thin, long cylindrical objects by one end, or used as a drill)
  • Fly tying vice


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