CFD Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students:CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics which is a branch of Fluid Dynamics.CFD uses numerical analysis and algorithms to solve and analyze the problems under the action of  fluid flow.To perform the calculations,computers are used in order to simulate the interactions of liquids and gases with the surfaces defined by boundary conditions.

As CFD plays a vital role in the field of Fluid dynamics,I want to explore  the (90+Updated) CFD Projects list so that it can be used by the users to make their project successful in the region of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

(90+Updated) CFD Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students

CFD Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students:

The (90+Updated) CFD Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students are shown below.A wide variety of CFD Projects are done daily in the field of research or by mechanical students as a project point of view.The CFD Projects list is as follows.

  1. CFD Simulation of Soot Formation And Flame Radiation
  2. CFD Modeling and Quality Forecasting for Cooling and Storage of Pelagic Species 
  3. Hydraulic Design and performance analysis of a Mixed Flow Pump for Marine Water Jet Propulsion
  4. Computation fluid Dynamics Simulation of Spark Ignition Engine for Gaseous
    Fuels with Different Spark Time
  5. Estimation & CFD analysis of Re-entry Parameters for Hybrid Space Probe Capsule
  6. CFD Analyses of Ship Hull Forms
  7. CFD analysis of flow through venturimeter to determine the Coefficient of Discharge.
  8. Hydrofoil analysis using CFD
  9. Study of F1 car aerodynamics front wing using computational Fluid dynamics (CFD)
  10. Design and analysis of dust collector using CFD
  11. Design and analysis of globe valve as control valve using CFD software
  12. CFD analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger with fins for waste heat recovery
  13. CFD analysis of engine valve
  14. CFD study of Conventional and Under Floor Air Distribution System
  15. Aluminum Melting Furnace Design Optimization to Improve Energy Efficiency by Integrated Modeling
  16. Performance improvement of an automobile radiator using CFD analysis
  17. CFD Analysis Of Airflow And Temperature Distribution In Buildings
  18. A Project on Flow in gutters and downpipes
  19. Evaluation of CFD Sub-Models for the Intake Manifold Port Flow Analysis
  20. Evaluation of CFD to predict smoke movement in complex enclosed spaces
  21. CFD analysis of a simple convergent flow using ANSYS
  22. CFD analysis of supersonic exhaust in a scramjet engine
  23. CFD Analyses Of The Gas Flow Inside The Vessel Of A Hot Isotactic Press
  24. CFD based process on modeling of a rotary furnace for Aluminum scrap melting
  25. CFD analysis of combustion and emissions to study the effect of compression ratio and biogas substitution in a diesel engine
  26. Effect of Swept Blade on Performance of a Small Size Axial Fan
  27. CFD Solution of Internal (shock tube and coquette flow) & External (Airfoil and cylinder) flow
  28. CFD Analysis of Mixing and Combustion of a Scramjet Combustor with a Planer Strut Injector
  29. CFD analysis for transient turbocharger flows by varying flow rate.
  30. A study of computational fluid dynamics Applied to room air flow
  31. Design and Analysis of a Radial Turbine with Back Swept Blading
  32. Investigation of Film Cooling Strategies of CFD versus Experiments-Potential for Using Reduced Models
  33. CFD analysis of exhaust manifold
  34. CFD Analysis of economizer in a tangential fired boiler
  35. CFD design for electric car battery cooling system
  36. A Project on Aerodynamic design study of ground vehicles
  37. CFD Application of Flameless Oxidation in Glass Melting Furnaces
  38. CFD prediction of loads on marine structures
  39. CFD analysis of fuel tank sloshing
  40. Optimizing flow rate of a carburetor by CFD analysis
  41. Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling to Validate HVAC System Design
  42. Thermal modeling of “Green House Effect”
  43. CFD Analysis of PACE Formula-1 Car
  44. CFD modeling of the automobile catalytic converter
  45. Heat Transfer in an Automotive Turbocharger Under Constant Load Points: a Computational Investigation
  46. CFD analysis of centrifugal fan
  47. CFD calculation of convective heat transfer coefficient and its Validation
  48. Air and fuel flow interaction in combustion chamber for Various injector locations
  49. Combined aerodynamic and structural optimization of a high-speed civil transport wing
  50. Manifold optimization of an internal combustion engine by using CFD analysis.
  51. Analysis and Optimization of Micro channel Heat Sinking
  52. Reduction of drag in a buggy car model
  53. CFD simulation and field application by Mitigating snowdrift at the elevated SANAE IV research station in Antarctica
  54. Flow through/past sparse bodies
  55. Analysis of water flow for Laminar & Turbulent Flow in Conventional Water Tap
  56. CFD using the discrete-vortex method
  57. A vehicle body Drag Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  58. Numerical Solution of Navier – Stokes Equations for Separating and Reattaching Flow over a Double Steps Expansion and Contraction
  59. CFD analysis of an air cooled condenser by the copper & aluminum material.
  60. Computational fluid dynamics for the design of turbo machinery


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  1. CFD prediction to optimize front end cooling module of a passenger vehicle
  2. Design and CFD Simulation of a Battery Module for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Pack
  3. Aerodynamic Design for Bus/Car Vehicle
  4. Conjugate heat transfer analysis in electronics devices
  5. Analysis of Cyclone dust collector air flow
  6. CFD analysis of natural convection in differentially heated enclosure
  7. Fluid and thermal behavior of natural convective boiling at a submerged heated surface
  8. Heat Transfer Modeling of Large Shipping Containers
  9. . CFD analysis of an opposed piston internal combustion engine
  10. Flow Characteristics in a Cross-Flow Fan with Various Design Parameters
  11. Turbulence models in CFD
  12. CFD analysis of intake manifold in SI engines
  13. A theoretical analysis and CFD simulation on the ceramic monolith heat exchanger
  14. CFD analysis of a diffuser
  15. Flow analysis of marine propeller
  16. Fluid flow and temperature distribution in radiators used in automobiles
  17. Simulating the Blood Flow for the Aorta with a Stenosis
  18. Numerical analysis of wax melting
  19. Assessment of turbulence modeling for CFD
  20. CFD analysis and comparison of vertical tube with smooth tube
  21. Turbulent flow simulation in Kaplan draft tube
  22. CFD analysis of rocket nozzle
  23. ACDF-based analysis of the 14-bis aircraft aerodynamics and stability
  24. CFD analysis of mixed flow pump Impeller
  25. CFD Investigation of Airflow in any Car by using Fluent Analysis
  26. Design improvements on mixed flow pumps by Computational Fluid Dynamics
  27. Advanced Design For A Tail Wing For Better Performance.
  28. Computational flow field analysis of a vertical axis wind turbine
  29. Analysis of multiphase flow in open channel flows using CFD
  30. CFD analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer in a single tube-fin arrangement of an automotive radiator
  31. Nozzle design optimization to reduce noise for turbo jet engine.
  32. Design And Optimization of Automotive Cabin Cooling
  33. CFD analysis of gas flow behavior in economizer duct
  34. CFD analysis of an ejector for cooling applications

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This is the complete explanation of the updated list of 90+ CFD Projects list in a detailed manner.Hope this CFD Projects list is helpful to you.If you have any doubts, feel free to ask from the comments section. Please Share and Like this blog with the whole world so that it can reach to many.

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