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Compare Mass and Weight – Units

Compare Mass and Weight:The comparison between Mass and Weight of any component can be explained in this article.

Compare Mass and Weight
Compare Mass and Weight

Compare Mass and Weight:

Mass of the body:

  • Mass of the body does not vary from place to place and it is not affected by the gravitational force.
  • It is represented by “m”.
  • Unit of mass “m”=Grams

Weight of the body:

  • Weight of a body varies from place to place and depends on the acceleration due to gravity existing at that place.
  • It is represented by “W”.
  • The formula for weight of the body is


  • If “g” is positive then the sign of “W” cannot changes whereas
  • If “g” is negative then the sign of “W” changes.

So, this is the main difference between mass and weight of anybody.

Unit of weight “W”=mg=Kg*(m/s2)

Therefore,Unit if weight =Newton


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