3 steps for converting Areas into Nodes in ANSYS software?

The need of converting areas into nodes in ANSYS software is to apply the loads on the nodes rather than on the areas in the structure so that the load is to be distributed uniformly throughout.To know,how to perform this on the structure,I will be explaining you about how to convert the areas into nodes in ANSYS software in a detailed manner.

Converting Areas into Nodes in ANSYS software was explained

Procedure for converting areas into nodes in ANSYS:

1.You should have to import a structure into ANSYS software and convert it from wireframe to solid model.

2.In this,the imported model is a Tillage structure which has holes at independent top mast.The holes are to be picked first as the “areas” and we should has to convert it from “areas to nodes” in ANSYS Software.

3.The holes are picked as follows in ANSYS Software:

  • Plot-Areas-ok
  • Select-Entities-Areas-By Num/Pick-From full-ok-A dialogue box opens-select the holes by means of mouse and if you had selected the unwanted,de-select it again by right clicking the mouse.
  • After selecting the holes,click on Ok.
  • Two holes will be visible to you and you should has to convert that areas into nodes.But,before that you should has to go through this.(Select everything below and select everything)otherwise the entire structure will be converted to nodes.
  • Now,convert areas into nodes by clicking on

Plot-Entities-Nodes-Attached to-Areas,all-from full-ok.

  • By this step also,they are not converted into nodes.So,for that go to


How to apply the loads on nodes was explained briefly in the video shown below.

By this,the areas are converted into nodes in ANSYS software where you can apply the loads on them so that the load can be distributed uniformly.

Therefore,this is the complete explanation of converting areas into nodes in ANSYS software.

If you have any doubts,feel free to ask from the comments section.

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