Difference between Mass and Weight

Mass of the body: Mass of the body does not vary from place to place and it is not affected by the gravitational force. It is represented by “m”.

It is represented by “m”.

Unit of mass “m”=Grams

Weight of the body:

Weight of a body varies from place to place and it depends on the acceleration due to gravity existing at that place.

It is represented by “W”.

Formula for Weight of the body:

The formula for the weight of the body is


If “g” is positive then the sign of “W” cannot changes whereas

If “g” is negative then the sign of “W” changes.

In this way, weight (W) is changing w.r.t. gravity(g).

Units for Weight of the body:

Unit of weight “W”=mg=Kg*(m/s2)

Therefore, the Unit of weight is Newton.

So, this is the main difference between the mass of the body and Weight of any body.

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