Does AICTE Agrees or Denies EXIT exam for Engineering Students?

EXIT exam for Engineering Students: AICTE has clarified this because previously some of the big channels have reported that “GATE is the compulsory exam for all the Engineering students” and this has become a topic in all the minds of Engineering Students and also the higher officials of AICTE.

Some of the fake news also states that One of the members of AICTE has also told to the news channels that some of them held a proposal regarding the EXIT exam but the decision has not yet taken.

EXIT exam for Engineering Students
EXIT exam for Engineering Students

Other Aspects of EXIT exam for Engineering Students:

To make a conclusion, the Higher Education Secretary R. Subrahmanyam had also clarified that the news published that ‘GATE exam is being made compulsory as an EXIT exam for Engineering Students’ is ‘incorrect’.

As the media keep on asking to the board of AICTE regarding the EXIT exam,the board finally given a public notice which was mentioned below.

The Vice Chairman Prof M P Poonia of AICTE reads, “AICTE has noted with concern that some newspapers have carried an item stating that AICTE is deciding to make GATE as the mandatory exit exam.”AICTE has not taken such decision in any meeting and finally says that “GATE is not an EXIT exam for the Engineering Students”.

It is an exam conducted by IIT to get a job in PSU and also for pursuing M tech.

After listening to the statement of AICTE regarding EXIT Exam, the students felt happy because it might not be possible for all the engineering students to complete the EXIT exam(GATE) in one take.

If it was implemented, then a lot of engineering students will sit at home and they keep on study for EXIT exam to qualify in it.

So,I am asking you a question, what is your thought about the EXIT exam for Engineering Students. Please do respond…



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