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Electrode Specification E-7018X

Electrode Specification E-7018X: Electrode plays a vital role in the welding process. Without electrodes also, many welding processes are present which are used in high-end applications. In this article, I am going to publish about the specification of Electrode E-7018X in a detailed manner. The specification of Electrode E-7018X is as follows.

What is the specification of Electrode E-7018X

Electrode Specification E-7018X:

Electrode specification is must in any welding process and the specification of Electrode E-7018X is as follows.

  • The electrode E-7018X stands for
    • E-Electrode
    • 70-How strong the electrode is when welded
    • 1-in what welding positions it can be used
    • 8-indicates coating,current types,penetration
    • X-indicates that there are more requirements.

Features of Electrode E-7018X:

    • They(E-7018X) are low hydrogen flux coated steel rods with a high yield tensile strength of 70000PSI.
    • They are often used in assembling structural steel used in the construction industry.
    • These electrodes are called low hydrogen electrodes due to the every attempt to lower the hydrogen content,these electrodes must be stored in an oven with a temperature between (250-300) Degree Fahrenheit.

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The PPT shown below describes the Specification of Electrode E-7018X. 

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