Elements of Mechanical Engineering PDF- All Units: All the concepts which comes under the Subject of Elements of Mechanical Engineering are presented below.Just click on the links to navigate through the article in detailed. The content w.r.t. the syllabus are categorised under 6 units which are as follows.

First, the syllabus of Elements of Mechanical Engineering was written under each unit and a Link was provided below at the end which explains you in a detailed way.

UNIT 1: Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics

1.Energy Resources and Conversions


3.Microscopic Analysis and Macroscopic Analysis

4. What is Phase, Homogeneous, Heterogeneous, Pure Substance, Working Substance?

5.What is System, Boundary, Surroundings, and Universe?

6.Types of System in Thermodynamics

7.Equilibrium and Stages of Equilibrium

8.Quasi-static process

9.What is Point Function, Path Function, Heat and Work?

10.What is Temperature, Adiabatic Process and Diathermic Process?

11.Laws of Thermodynamics

12.Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

13.First Law of Thermodynamics

  • The first law of thermodynamics for a Cyclic process
  • The first law of thermodynamics for a Non-Cyclic process

14.Applications of First Law of Thermodynamics to Non-Flow Processes

  • Reversible Constant Volume Process (or) Isochoric Process
  • Reversible Constant Pressure Process (or) Isobaric Process
  • Reversible Constant Temperature Process (or) Isothermal Process
  • Reversible Adiabatic Process (or) Isentropic Process

15.Polytropic Process

16.The second law of Thermodynamics

  • Classius Statement
  • Kelvin-Planck Statement
  • Perpetual motion machine of the second kind

To know the above concepts, click on the link below…

Click on the Link: Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics

  • Carnot Cycle-Explanation,Derivation of Carnot Cycle with P-V & T-S Diagram : Click Here
  • SI Engine:Working of 4 stroke SI Engine, Otto Cycle-Derivation,P-V & T-S Diagram : Click Here
  • Diesel Cycle-Working of 4 Stroke CI Engine,P-V & T-S Diagram,Derivation : Click Here


2.1 Internal Combustion Engines:


1.Heat Engine
2.Classification of Heat Engines

3.Advantages of IC Engines over EC Engines

4.Components of IC Engines

5.IC Engines Nomenclature

6.Classification of IC Engines

7.Cooling Systems in IC Engine

8.Performance Parameters of IC Engines

9.Lubrication of IC Engines

10.Properties of Lubricant

11.Types of Lubrication Systems

To know the above concepts, click on the link below…

Click on the Link:  Internal Combustion Engines

2.2 Steam Power Plant, Boilers, Steam Turbines:

  1. Layout of Steam Power Plant
  2. Simple Cross Tube Vertical Boiler
  3. Water Tube and Fire Tube Boilers

2.3 Steam Turbines  (Will be Updated Soon)

  • Impulse Turbines and Reaction Turbines


3.1: Hydraulic Pumps and Turbines:

3.2 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems:

Unit 4:

Engineering Materials:

Unit 5 will be Updated Soon

Unit 6:

6.1 Robot and Sensors:

Introduction, Definition  Components of Robot and Classification of Robot, Vision Sensing, SCU, RCU

6.2 CNC Machine Tools:

It will be Updated soon…

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Lessons for You:

Thermal Engineering

Theory of Machines

Non-Traditional Machining


Material Science Engineering

Production-Casting, Welding, Forming Processes


Sheet Metal Operations

Elements of Mechanical Engineering

Workshop Manufacturing Practices



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