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Generating NC Program of Journal Bearing using NX CAM software

Journal bearings consist of a shaft or journal which rotates freely in a supporting metal sleeve.There are no rolling elements in these journal bearings.The design and construction of Journal bearings may be relatively simple, but the theory and operation of these bearings can be complex.In this article,I am going to publish about the generation of  NC Program of Journal Bearing using NX CAM software in a detailed manner.

Generating NC Program of Journal Bearing using NX CAM software
Generating NC Program of Journal Bearing using NX CAM software


  • Manufacturing technology provides the tools that enable the production of all manufactured goods and services in an effective way.
  • These master tools of industry magnify the effort in making essential products from the raw material to the finished goods with a high dedication and accuracy so that they can compete with the market needs.
  • As discussed earlier,A journal bearing is the simplest type of  bearing, comprising just a bearing surface and no rolling elements.Journal bearings, in general, are the least expensive type of bearings.
  • The Journal bearings are compact and lightweight and they have a high load-carrying capacity.
  • This project deals with generating NC program using CAM software for Journal bearing to manufacture on modern CNC machine.
  • Using NX-CAD software 3D model of Journal bearing is created and program is generated using NX-CAM software.
  • The generated program is fed into the CNC or DNC machines to carry out the operation in a successful way.

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This is the complete explanation for the generation of NC program of Journal Bearing using NX CAM software.Hope this project will helpful to you.If you have any doubts, feel free to ask from the comments section. Please Share and Like this blog with the whole world so that it can reach to many.

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