How to analyze a model in ANSYS Workbench?

Firstly a model is to be prepared in any modelling package and it has to be imported into ANSYS Workbench so as to Analyze it to get desired results.In this article,I am going to explain about How to analyze a model in ANSYS Workbench so as to calculate force,shear,deformation etc. in a detailed manner.


How to analyze a model in ANSYS Workbench?
How to analyze a model in ANSYS Workbench?


The step by step procedure is to be needed to know about how to analyze a model in order to calculate force,shear,deformation etc. in ANSYS Workbench and is as follows.


For that,

  • Go to ANSYS Workbench and click on Static Structural.
  • Then a dialogue box opens by the name of Unsaved project-workbench.
  • Static Structural was present in the analysis systems dialogue box.
  • Drag and Drop static structural bar to the Project schematic.
  • The dialogue box contains
    • Engineering data
    • Geometry 
    • Model
    • Setup
    • Solutions
    • Results
  • You should have to go through each and every concept which is shown above so as to analyze a part.
  • For instance,I will take an example and pass with all the above concepts so as to analyze it and is as follows.

Engineering data: 

  • All the materials required for analysis are presented in the Engineering data by the ANSYS Team.If you want to choose the material then you should has to go to Engineering data and fetch for the material.
  • The default material used to analyze the problem in ANSYS Workbench is structural steel.

 Geometry :

  • Click on geometry,if you had chosen the material.
  • It will opens static structural-Design Modeler.
  • Now import the model from File-import external geometry-Browse-ok.
  • Right Click on import bar and say Generate.
  • That’s the geometry is imported.
  • Click on model and it will opens to Workbench Mechanical.
  • The tabs present in the Model are:
    • Model
      • Geometry(A4)
      • Co-ordinate systems
    • Mesh
    • Static Structural
    • Solutions
      • Here you can analyze your model with different mechanical properties.

The complete explanation of the above mentioned concepts are presented briefly with the help of an audio in the video which is shown below.

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The detailed analysis of Analyzing a Part in ANSYS Workbench 15.0 is shown below in the form of video with Audio facility.

This is the complete explanation of analyzing a model in ANSYS Workbench in a detailed manner. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask from the comments section. Please Share and Like this blog with the whole world so that it can reach to many.

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