How to use Trim Extend in CATIA V5?

Trim Extend in CATIA V5:Trim Extend is a feature in CATIA V5 which is used to Remove the unwanted Data and joins them if needed like joining lines which can form a rectangle or a square etc.The lines may be Straight,Curved,Angular etc. depending upon the construction.In this article, I am going to explain about the usage of Trim Extend in CATIA V5 in a detailed manner.The step by step procedure is to be needed to adopt the usage of Trim Extend in CATIA V5 and is as follows.

How to use Trim Extend in CATIA V5
How to use Trim Extend in CATIA V5

Trim Extend in CATIA V5-Procedure:

To use trim extend feature in CATIA V5,

  • Go to Insert-Operation-and finally trim extend option.
  • Firstly,draw four lines in the form of a rectangle which are separated by some distances.
  • Now,those four individual lines are joined together by means of trim extend feature.
  • If there is no chance of adding a line to the existing curve to complete the path,then trim extend feature will be used.
  • That’s it.This is the explanation of Trim extend feature in CATIA V5.

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The detailed explanation of Trim Extend in CATIA V5 is shown below in the form of video.

This is the complete explanation for the usage of Trim Extend feature in CATIA V5 which is shown in a detailed manner. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask from the comments section. Please Share and Like this blog with the whole world so that it can reach to many.

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