IIT-Madras develops affordable standing wheelchair to persons with disabilities

IIT-Madras develops affordable standing wheelchair to persons with disabilities:

Reports say that India is home to 40 to 80 million people with disabilities (PwDs) and taking this aspect into consideration,the Standing Wheelchair was launched by IIT Madras and Phoenix Medical Systems.The premier technological institute has built the device in collaboration with Phoenix Medical Systems, a leading manufacturer of assistive devices and equipment.

The entire project was headed by Professor Sujatha Srinivasan of the institute’s Mechanical Engineering Department.

According to a press release from the institute, work on the device began back in 2015, with CSR support from TTK Prestige, the kitchen appliances manufacturing company that is part of the TTK Group.

Standing wheelchair to persons with disabilities:

It allows wheelchair-enabled people, to independently shift from sitting to standing position in a seamless and controlled manner and it is available for Rs.15000/-.

Thanks to the students, faculty and oraganisation of IIT Madras to bring better innovations for the tomorrows generation.

Here are the few pics of women and men sitting and standing on the Standing Wheel chair.

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