Mechanical Engineering Projects

650+Updated Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas of all Domains 2018

650+Updated Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas of all Domains 2018: Whenever you are doing any project you should have a basic idea of what the project is about and how well we can sustain in it when we are moving ahead. If you might know this simple formula, then you can do your project very easily. In the same way, If you don’t have any idea of what the project is about or If you are picking a project because someone else is being picked, then you might be in trouble. So, please look at all the facts while selecting a project. Think…which mechanical software you know or think what else you can do? If you are not getting any idea, then this article is for you. In this article, I had presented about 650+Updated Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas of all Domains in a detailed way. From here, you can pick any project of your choice.

650+Updated Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas of all Domains
650+Updated Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas of all Domains

650+Updated Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas of all Domains:

The Updated 650+ Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas of all Domains are presented below. Check the project type of your choice.

  1. A Project on Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication And Controlling System
  2. Performance and emission study of biodiesel engine using an electronic fuel injection system
  3. A Project on Automatic Train Station Announcement System With Bomb Detection
  4. A Project on Engine Overheat Alarm
  5. A Project on Emergency Braking System
  6. GPS Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System –Two Wheeler
  7. A Project on Fabrication Of Solar And Wind Train
  8. A Hand Propulsion And Steering Dampening For Three wheelers
  9. GPS Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System –Three and Four Wheeler
  10. A Project on Remote Controlled Solar Vehicle
  11. Sensor Operated Automated Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV).
  12. A Project on Regenerative Braking System
  13. A Project on Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System
  14. Experimental set up to study the gyroscopic couple due to processional motion
  15. Automatic Distance Measurement And Braking System Using Ultrasonic
  16. A Project on Dynamic Behavior Analysis for a Six Axis Industrial Robot
  17. A Project on Implementation of Self-Parking Robotic Car
  18. A Project on Smoke and LPG Gas Detection Robot with Wireless Control
  19. A Project on Fire Extinguisher Robot
  20. A Project on mplementation of Autonomous Agile Aerial Robot
  21. Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Android Smart Phone
  22. A Project on PC Controlled Human Detection Robot
  23. A Project on Robotic Cam Boat
  24. A Project on an Implementation of Intelligent Robotic Fish
  25. A Project on Autonomous Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  26. A Project on Infrared Remote Control Robot
  27. Implementation of Ball Tracking Robot
  28. Touch Screen Controlled Multipurpose Spy Robot Using Zig bee
  29. A Project on Microcontroller Based Line Following Robot
  30. A Project on A Project on Wireless Robotic Arm
  31. Parameterization of components using Pro – E software.
  32. Influences of thermal stresses on multiple holes in a thermoplastic composite disc.
  33. Computer Controlled Servo Indexing Table
  34. Programmable Ratio Controller
  35. Friction analysis in cold forging by the usage of ANSYS software.
  36. Stress analysis of functionally graded discs under mechanical and thermal loads in ANSYS software.
  37. A Project on Programmable Drilling Machine
  38. A Project on Analysis of warm forging process in ANSYS Workbench.
  39. Uncertainty quantification and dimension prediction in forging and cooling processes
  40. A Project on CNC Pallet Changer for Drilling Machine
  41. Design of high pressure pump using CAD
  42. Effect of friction stir welding parameters of speed on the transient temperature distribution of Al 360& 7475.
  43. Tool life performances,wear mechanisms and surface roughness characteristics when turning austenised and quenched AISI 52100 Bearing Steel with Ceramics and CBN/TiC cutting tools..
  44. A Project on Computer Controlled PCB Drilling Machine
  45. A Project on Auto Shape Finder
  46. Design and Analysis of a Radial Turbine with Back Swept Blading
  47. Investigation of Film Cooling Strategies of CFD versus Experiments-Potential for Using Reduced Models
  48. A Project on CFD analysis of exhaust manifold
  49. A Project on CFD Analysis of economizer in a tangential fired boiler
  50. A Project on CFD design for electric car battery cooling system
  51. A Project on Aerodynamic design study of ground vehicles
  52. A Project on CFD Application of Flameless Oxidation in Glass Melting Furnaces
  53. CFD prediction of loads on marine structures
  54. CFD analysis of fuel tank sloshing
  55. Optimizing flow rate of a carburetor by CFD analysis
  56. Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling to Validate HVAC System Design
  57. Thermal modeling of “Green House Effect”
  58. CFD Analysis of PACE Formula-1 Car
  59. A Project on CFD modeling of the automobile catalytic converter
  60. Heat Transfer in an Automotive Turbocharger Under Constant Load Points: a Computational Investigation
  61. Automatic Intelligent War Robot Mechanical Engineering
  62. A Project on Automatic Electromagnetic Scrap Removing Machine
  63. Fabrication Of Pedal Powered Hacksaw Machine
  64. A Project on Fabrications Of Six Leg Kinematic Moving Machine
  65. Fabrication Of Pedal Washing Machine
  66. Fabrication Of Gearless Transmission
  67. A Project on Fabrication Of Electricity And Water Pumping System Using Wind Mill
  68. Fabrication Of Multi Spindle Drilling Machine
  69. A Project on Fabrication Of Multi Operating Machine
  70. Fabrication Of Seed Sower Machine
  71. Fabrication Of Pick And Place Mechanism
  72. A Project on Fabrication Of Railway Track Power Generation
  73. A Project on Fabrication Of Hydro Power Plant Mechanical
  74. Fabrication Of Safety Elevator
  75. A Project on Fabrication Of Electricity Generation From Sea-Saw
  76. Automatic accident avoiding system for ship by using obstacle sensor
  77. A Project on Alternate fuel for marine engine
  78. A Project on Fabrication of piezoelectric powered cycle
  79. A Project on Solar absorption air conditioner
  80. Non conventional method of water pumping using vertical wind turbine
  81. A Project on Reflecting mirror type solar steam generator
  82. Remote controlled solar powered handicapped tilting wheel chair
  83. A Project on Solar still with and without external magnetic treatment
  84. A Project on Power generation from organic waste of college canteen
  85. A Project on Solar based advanced vehicle movement system using windmill
  86. A Project on Solar peltier air cooler cum heater
  87. A Project on Energy conversion from roadways using kinetic motion
  88. A Project on Electricity and water pumping system using wind mill
  89. Generation of electricity from cycling exercise (250w generator)
  90. A Project on Fabrication of solar air cooler
  91. Solar automatic head-lamp alignment system with dim/bright controller
  92. A Project on Fabrication of basin type solar still multiple floating porous absorbers
  93. Automatic Lamination Machine
  94. A Project on Automatic Industrial Fire Fighter (Semi)
  95. Automatic Lubrication Unit
  96. Automatic Paint Spraying Equipment
  97. A Project on Automatic Musical Water Foundation
  98. Automatic Packing Control Machine for Industrial Applications
  99. A Project on Automatic Lubrication System
  100. Automatic Parking Braking System
  101. A Project on Automatic Petrol Bunk
  102. Automatic Paper Counting Machine
  103. A Project on Automatic Paint Spraying Pick and Place Robot
  104. Automatic Pneumatic Hammer
  105. Automatic Pneumatic High Speed Sheet Cutting Machine
  106. A Project on Automatic Pneumatic Punching and Riveting Machine
  107. Automatic Power Saving Punching Conveyor
  108. Battery operated magnetic force assisted mechanical braking system
  109. . Performance of 50cc moped ( TVS-Champ) by using different carburetors
  110. Speed control of radiator fan using differential gear arrangement
  111. A Project on Vehicle aerodynamics and its performance characteristics
  112. Externally charged battery assisted tricycle for legless or Handicapped
  113. A Project on Performance and emission study of diesel engine using fuel ionizer for various bio diesel mode
  114. Cotton seed oil as an alternative fuel for 4-stroke engine
  115. A Project on Automatic guided vehicle with remote controlled lifting trolley
  116. A Project on Intelligent overtaking mechanism
  117. Fuel Injection system for a two stroke petrol engine
  118. A Project on Design and Fabrication of hydraulic press
  119. A Project on Smart infrared proximity detector
  120. Microprocessor based preprogramming controlled vehicle
  121. A Project on Portable water servicing pump
  122. A Project on Automated gear shifting mechanism
  123. Fluid flow and temperature distribution in radiators used in automobiles
  124. Simulating the Blood Flow for the Aorta with a Stenosis
  125. Numerical analysis of wax melting
  126. Assessment of turbulence modeling for CFD
  127. CFD analysis and comparison of vertical tube with smooth tube
  128. Turbulent flow simulation in Kaplan draft tube
  129. A Project on CFD analysis of rocket nozzle
  130. ACDF-based analysis of the 14-bis aircraft aerodynamics and stability
  131. CFD analysis of mixed flow pump Impeller
  132. A Project on CFD Investigation of Airflow in any Car by using Fluent Analysis
  133. Design improvements on mixed flow pumps by Computational Fluid Dynamics
  134. A Project on Advanced Design For A Tail Wing For Better Performance.
  135. Computational flow field analysis of a vertical axis wind turbine
  136. Analysis of multiphase flow in open channel flows using CFD
  137. CFD analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer in a single tube-fin arrangement of an automotive radiator
  138. Nozzle design optimization to reduce noise for turbo jet engine.
  139. Design And Optimization of Automotive Cabin Cooling
  140. A Project on CFD analysis of gas flow behavior in economizer duct
  141. A Project on CFD analysis of an ejector for cooling applications
  142. A Project on Fabrication of Heat pipe
  143. A Project on A Project on Energy conservation in steam systems
  144. Fabrication of Solar Water Heater by using parabolic collector
  145. A Project on A Project on Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler
  146. A Project on Fabrication of thermo-electric solar air conditioner
  147. Thermal conductivity and latent heat thermal energy storage characteristics of Paraffin/Expanded Graphite Composite as Phase change material.
  148. Experimental investigation of the discharge valve dynamics in a reciprocating compressor for trans-critical CO2 refrigeration cycle.
  149. Design of a car air conditioning system based on an absorption refrigeration cycle using energy from exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine.
  150. Transient modeling of hybrid loop heat pipe systems with multiple evaporators
  151. A Project on A compact dynamic model for household vapor compression refrigerated systems
  152. Natural convective heat transfer from a narrow vertical flat plate with a uniform surface heat flux and with different plate edge conditions
  153. A Socially Assistive Robot for the Elderly and Cognitively Impaired
  154. A Project on Implementation of an Omni Wheels Robot
  155. A Project on Thermoelectric gas pressure Robot
  156. Vehicle Anti Collision Using Ultrasonic Signals
  157. A Project on Garbage Collection Robot Using Wireless Communication Technology
  158. A Domestic Robot for Security Systems Using Zigbee Technology
  159. A Project on Irrigation Robot
  160. A Project on Monitor and Control of an Excavator Robot
  161. A Project on Automatic Scrap Collecting Robot
  162. Design of GPS-Guided Mobile Robot
  163. Arduino Based Robotic Manipulator
  164. Design and Implementation of Snow Plow Robot
  165. Arduino Based Smart Boat with Obstacle Detection
  166. Remote Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Vehicle
  167. Design of Amphibian Robot
  168. A Project on Electric Car
  169. Efficiency Increasing System by Using Preheating Method
  170. A Project on Elimination of Carbon Particles from Exhaust Gas
  171. Electrical Power Generation Using Speed Brake
  172. Electro Magnetic Shock Absorber
  173. A Project on Electricity and Water Pumping System Using Wind Mill
  174. Electrical Power Generation Using Railway Track
  175. A Project on Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery
  176. Electromagnetic Scrap Removing Machine
  177. A Project on Driverless Car
  178. Electro Magnetic Shock Absorber
  179. Automatic Path Finding Vehicle
  180. A Project on Drips Rate Monitor & Alarm
  181. Engine Overheat Alarm
  182. A Project on Energy Conservation in Steam Power Plant
  183. A Project on Mini Jet Engine
  184. Noise Control of Two Stroke Petrol Engine Using Aqua Silencer
  185. A Project on Paint Mixing Machine
  186. Oil Pump Testing Equipment
  187. A Project on Pedestal Spot Welding Machine
  188. Pipe Thread Cutting Machine
  189. A Project on Pneumatic Controller
  190. Pneumatic Bearing Press
  191. Pneumatic Four – Axis Material Handling Equipment
  192. A Project on Remote Controlled Sofa Comfort
  193. Analytical investigation of rake contact and friction behavior in different metal cuttings
  194. A Project on Shop Floor Monitoring System
  195. Analysis of Loader Arm of pneumatic High Speed Loader.
  196. Automated Drawing Using C language & Auto CAD Software.
  197. Computer Aided Analysis of Four bar Mechanism.
  198. A Project on Analysis of loader arm of pneumatic High speed Loader.
  199. Failure analysis of serial pinned joints in composite materials.
  200. Optimization of high speed turning parameters of super alloy Inconel 718 material using Taguchi technique.
  201. A Project on Analysis of plastic component using Pro-E
  202. Design of component and parameterization using Solid Edge software
  203. Die design and analysis of progressive tool for coca cola bottle cap
  204. A Project on FEA analysis for optimization of resistance spot welding process
  205. Computer controlled Drilling Machine
  206. Impact of misalignments on root stresses of Hypoid Gear sets.
  207. A Project on Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot
  208. A Project on Robotic Elevator
  209. Design of Intelligent Solar Tracker Robot for Surveillance
  210. A Project on Solar Powered Robotic Crane
  211. Design of a Robot System for cleaning external glass walls of buildings
  212. A Project on PLC Based Robotic Arm Control System
  213. A Project on Mines Diffuser robot
  214. Smart Host Microcontroller Based Solar Powered Tool with Robotic Arm
  215. A Project on Hydraulic Piston Robot
  216. A Project on Robotic Grass cutter
  217. WI- FI Based Robot Control by Webpage Interface
  218. Design of simple Roller Robot with Wireless Camera
  219. A Project on Anti-Tank Weapon Robot
  220. A Project on Design of a Stair climbing Robot
  221. Developments of a hot forging life of a die. A Project on Artificial Neural Network Based Autonomous Mobile Robot
  222. A Project on Fabrication of bicycle wind turbine
  223. Effect of nano fluids in a modified vacuum single basin solar still
  224. A Project on Solar powered thermo-electric refrigerator
  225. Fabrication of tilting three wheeler with a hybrid system
  226. A Project on Solar grass cutter with automatic tracking
  227. Fabrication of double effecting solar cooker
  228. A Project on Solar air heater by using solar still
  229. Solar automated traffic and street light controller
  230. A Project on Pedal cranking mechanism for paddy wheat threshing machine
  231. Experimental setup and application of nano fluids in solar water heater
  232. A Project on Cell phone controlled solar vehicle
  233. A Project on Solar operated portable vacuum cleaner
  234. Salt water converted to purified drinking water by using revolving gate
  235. A Project on Conversation of sea water into drinking water using solar panel
  236. A Project on Fabrication of solar irrigation system
  237. Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Pneumatic Bend And Bend Removing Machines
  238. Automatic Acceleration Controlling System In Traffic Signals
  239. Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Machines or Automobiles
  240. Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism for Cutting Machine
  241. Automatic Board Cleaner
  242. 90˚ Turning Steering Mechanism for Four Wheeler
  243. Accident Preventing System for Automatic Pneumatic Printing Press
  244. Accident Avoiding System for Cutting Machines
  245. Abrasive Belt Grinder
  246. Accident Avoiding System for Punching Machine
  247. Abrasive Jet Machining
  248. Automatic Break Failure Indicator in any vehicle
  249. Automatic Hydro Pneumatic Lubricating System
  250. Automatic Head Light Dim – Bright Controller
  251. Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine
  252. Design and fabrication of modified sand muller
  253. Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system
  254. Automatic car parking system for apartment building
  255. Automobile dual side wiper system with mist control
  256. Engine cooling and fuel preheating using peltier element
  257. Wireless joystick operated machine tool for lathe
  258. Design and automation of smart blind stick
  259. SMS based automatic vehicle accident information system
  260. Semi automatic wall plastering machine
  261. Fabrication of pneumatic garrage door opener
  262. Automatic vehicle accident information system
  263. Remote controlled handicapped wheel chair cum bed
  264. Automation of front plate assembly of rotary switch
  265. Fabrication of automatic foot board break system for car
  266. Automatic foot dust cleaning machine
  267. Turbine blade film cooling using PSP technique
  268. Fabrication of Solar Water Disalation (Purification) by using parabolic method
  269. A Project on Fabrication of Balloon power generator
  270. A Project on Solar powered Electrolux refrigeration system
  271. Cell Phone Controlled Solar Vehicle
  272. Coffee Maker
  273. Coil Winding Machine
  274. Coin Box Based Automatic Wheel Air Filling System
  275. Cell Phone Controlled Material Handling Vehicle
  276. Compressed Air Production Using Speed Breaker
  277. Compressed Air Engine
  278. Cylindrical Tapping Machine
  279. Circular Cutting Machine
  280. Electrical power generation system using railway track
  281. A Project on Fabrication of V-Trough solar water heater
  282. A Project on Fabrication of mobile charging from shoe
  283. Electrical energy can be produced by using vibration
  284. A Project on Design and fabrication of green gym
  285. A Project on Solar aided portable vacuum desalination plant
  286. Fabrication of solar hybrid car
  287. A Project on Fabrication of water tunnel
  288. Coin based solar mobile phone charger
  289. A Project on Fabrication of solar fertilizer sprayer
  290. Fabrication of tunnel type solar still
  291. A Project on Solar operated automatic seed sowing machine
  292. A Project on Solar kettle (or) solar parabolic collector
  293. A Project on Fabrication of solar car
  294. Lathe Coolant Pump
  295. Mechanical Mini Plastic Crusher Machine
  296. Manual Sheet Rolling Machine
  297. Magnetic Shock Absorber
  298. Mini Robot Car
  299. Mechanical Grass Cutter
  300. Horizontal Axis Wind Mill
  301. Hybrid Vehicle
  302. Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
  303. Intelligent Motorized Hydraulic Jack
  304. Involute Gear Profile Error Detector
  305. Lathe machine with Milling operation Attachment
  306. Intelligent Motorized Wall Painting Crane
  307. Material Dimension Analyzing Robot
  308. Magnetic Suspension System
  309. Natural Convective Heat Transfer from Inclined Narrow Plates
  310. Fabrication of Solar air conditioning Machine
  311. Computer simulations of natural convection of single phase nano fluids in simple enclosures
  312. A unified approach to the analysis of unidirectional and bi-directional parallel flow heat exchangers
  313. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor
  314. Design oriented methodology for thermal behavior prediction of a power gearing transmission.
  315. Stall characteristics and tip clearance effects in forward swept axial compressor rotors
  316. A Project on Water cooler cum Water heater by using refrigeration System
  317. Calculating heat transfer rate by varying cooling fluid for engine cylinder fins.
  318. Fabrication of Paper cup folding Machine
  319. Heat transfer analysis and optimization of engine fins of varying geometry and thermal conductivity.
  320. A Project on Fabrication of Solar refrigeration system
  321. Optimizing an intercooled compressor for an ideal gas model
  322. A Project on Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler cum Heater
  323. Improving the heat transfer rate of AC condenser by optimizing material
  324. A Project on Solar water service station for two wheeler
  325. Fabrication of solar sterling engine (Model)
  326. Solar powered automatic fire fighting robot
  327. A Project on Electric scooter powered by wind and piezoelectric power
  328. Conversation of sea water into drinking water using solar panel
  329. A Project on Fabrication of wind energy vehicle
  330. A Project on Solar dryer with multiple PCM
  331. A Project on Solar railway track-crack detecting vehicle
  332. Automatic wind blade pitch controlling system
  333. A Project on Swing electricity generation system
  334. Automatic book reading aid for handicapped people
  335. Hydraulic based emergency rescue ladder
  336. Automatic vehicle over loading alert system
  337. Step climber planetary gear mechanism
  338. Sensor operated foot dust cleaner
  339. Automatic over load indication for bridge
  340. Automated side stands with breaking locking System
  341. Sensor based automatic water level sensing crane
  342. Automatic car covering system
  343. Automatic parking and breaking system
  344. Automatic safety systems for Railway coaches
  345. Automatic voice controlled wheel chair
  346. Fabrication of anti drown vehicle
  347. Automatic double axis pneumatic JCB equipment
  348. Automatic agarbatti incense stick counting and packing machine
  349. Emergency Braking System
  350. Fabrication of Homemade Air Conditioner
  351. Fabrication of Electrical Energy from Speed Breaker
  352. Fabrication of Solar and Wind Train
  353. Fabrication of Industrial Trolley
  354. Fabrication of Hydraulic Power Plant
  355. Fabrication of Solar Water Cooler
  356. Fabrication of Multi Spindle Drill Head
  357. Fabrication of Magnetic Levitation Train
  358. Fabrication of Wind Mill
  359. Fiber Extracting Machine
  360. Fabrication of Windmill and Controlling the Direction
  361. Fabrications of Pedal Power 4 Wheel Steering Mechanism
  362. Gasifier
  363. Fuel Injection
  364. Sensor Operated Automatic Water Level Indicator and Controlling System
  365. Six Axis Material Handling Robot
  366. Solar operated Cycle
  367. Thermo Electric Refrigerator
  368. Steam Power Plant
  369. Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System
  370. Robot with Crane System
  371. Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot with Video Camera
  372. Pneumatic Double Axis Welding Machine
  373. Regenerative Braking System
  374. Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine
  375. Fabrication of Pedal Operated Water pumping system
  376. Design and Fabrication of Gas Converted Power Sprayer
  377. A Project on Fabrication of low cost harvesting machine
  378. Design and Fabrication of Hand Operated Fertilizer Blender
  379. A Project on Portable vegetable Cutter and Slicer
  380. Fabrication of Solar Seeds Sprayer
  381. Fabrication of Multi Utility Agricultural Vehicle
  382. Fabrication of Pepper Thresher Machine
  383. Design and Development of Natural vegetable / Fruits Preservator
  384. Fabrication of Seed Crushing machine
  385. Agricultural Motor Pump Running using Solar Power
  386. Automatic Ginger Cutting, Feeding and Drying Machine
  387. Agricultural Paddy Cleaning System by using Solar Power
  388. Solar Cabinet Seed drier Integrated with Biomass
  389. Fabrication of Solar grass cutter (prototype model)
  390. Fabrication of fabrication of automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone (prototype model)
  391. Fabrication of Mechanical grass cutter (prototype model)
  392. Fabrication of pedal washing machine (prototype model)
  393. Fabrication of zero degree steering system(prototype model)
  394. Fabrication of multi operating machine (prototype model)
  395. Fabrication of Pedal Powered Hacksaw Machine (prototype model)
  396. Fabrication of solar fan with lighting system
  397. Application of evaporation air cooler coupled with solar water heater for dehumidification of indoor air
  398. A Project on Solar trough collector with auto tracking
  399. Solar powered automatic temperature controller with cooling system
  400. A Project on VIVACE (vortex induced vibration aquatic clean energy) in generation of clean and renewable energy from fluid flow
  401. Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine
  402. A Project on Hybrid vehicle with regenerative breaking in motorcycle
  403. Floating turbine with power generation
  404. A Project on Fabrication of highway wind turbine
  405. A Project on Fabrication of solar race car
  406. Solar enhanced energy efficient food processor
  407. A Project on Fabrication of battery cycle
  408. Generative braking system using pneumatic Interface
  409. A Project on Electrical power generation using thermal power plant
  410. A Project on Dual axis automatic solar panel tracking system
  411. Air compressor using crank and slotted link mechanism
  412. Low pressure solar water heater with auto tracking
  413. Fabrication of Cooling jacket for motorcycle
  414. A Project on Fabrication of sterling cooler
  415. Design of absorption refrigeration system driven by engine exhaust gas for vehicles
  416. A Project on Fabrication of Latent Heat Exchanger
  417. A Project on Fabrication of Cooling tower
  418. Improving the heat transfer rate of AC evaporator by optimizing material
  419. A Project on Emission tester for automobile
  420. Life cycle optimization of residential air conditioner replacement
  421. A Project on Fabrication of Mini Jet Engine
  422. A Project on Fabrication of Miniature Boiler
  423. Solar Sterling engine with parabolic collector
  424. Electrical power generation system by using Gasifier
  425. Energy conservation in steam systems
  426. Fabrication of 90 degree steering mechanism (prototype model)
  427. Fabrication of rocker bogie suspension system (prototype model)
  428. Fabrication of regenerative braking system(prototype model)
  429. Fabrication of Electricity Generation From Sea-Saw (prototype model)
  430. Fabrication of electrical power generation from shock absorber (prototype model)
  431. Fabrication of hand operated mixer machine (prototype model)
  432. Fabrication of electrical power generation from speed breaker(prototype model)
  433. Fabrication of barrel lifter (prototype model)
  434. Fabrication of electrical power generation using footsteps (prototype model)
  435. Fabrication of automatic feeding cutting mechanism (prototype model)
  436. Fabrication of camshaft(prototype model)
  437. Fabrication of solar wood cutter (prototype model)
  438. A Project on Color Guided Material Handling Robot
  439. GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot
  440. A Project on Small-Size Soccer Playing Robot
  441. A Project on Photo Sensitive Robot
  442. Analysis of Gender and Age Group Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
  443. A Project on Automated System Design for Metro Train
  444. PLC Based Automatic Filling Machine
  445. Autonomous Robot for Target Detection and Shooting
  446. Programmable Hopper with Computer Control
  447. Press tool analysis using CATIA software
  448. Selective Inventory Control
  449. Vibration analysis of delaminated composite beams using analytical and FEM models.
  450. Finite Element analysis of the effect of motorcycle helmet material against impact velocity during an accident
  451. Hardened ability testing of Carbon Steel
  452. Aerofoil Blades propeller
  453. Strengthening car bumper in load bearing direction by the usage of materials of Impact ABS Plastic and Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer IM7.
  454. Computer Based Color Identification System
  455. Quality Inspection Using Image Processing
  456. 3D Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of Human Bone using ANSYS software
  457. Tire design and manufacturing using DELCAM
  458. Composite material reinforcement of the leaf spring for the material Glass Carbon Composite.
  459. Bridge truss optimization under moving load using continuous and discrete design variables in optimization methods.
  460. Failure response of a single bolted composite joints under various preloads.
  461. CFD analysis of centrifugal fan
  462. CFD calculation of convective heat transfer coefficient and its Validation
  463. Air and fuel flow interaction in combustion chamber for Various injector locations
  464. Combined aerodynamic and structural optimization of a high-speed civil transport wing
  465. Manifold optimization of an internal combustion engine by using CFD analysis.
  466. Analysis and Optimization of Micro channel Heat Sinking
  467. Reduction of drag in a buggy car model
  468. CFD simulation and field application by Mitigating snowdrift at the elevated SANAE IV research station in Antarctica
  469. Flow through/past sparse bodies
  470. Analysis of water flow for Laminar & Turbulent Flow in Conventional Water Tap
  471. CFD using the discrete-vortex method
  472. A vehicle body Drag Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  473. Numerical Solution of Navier – Stokes Equations for Separating and Reattaching Flow over a Double Steps Expansion and Contraction
  474. CFD analysis of an air cooled condenser by the copper & aluminum material.
  475. Computational fluid dynamics for the design of turbo machinery
  476. Viability of used Sunflower Oil as a Substitute for Diesel
  477. Fabrication of Maize de-Husker
  478. Solar Powered Tea Leaf Cutting Machine
  479. Fabrication of Beans Sheller machine
  480. Biomass Briquetting Machine
  481. Automatic Water Level Sensing Crane for Agricultural Pump
  482. Pneumatic Ground Driller
  483. Fabrication of Coconut Scraping Machine
  484. Experimental Setup on Gasifier
  485. Tree Branch Cutting Machine
  486. Fabrication of Mechanical Seed Thruster
  487. Fabrication of Solar Birds Scarer
  488. Bio-Diesel Extraction from Waste Plastic Material
  489. Fabrication of Paddy Cleaner for Agro Seeds
  490. A Project on Evaluation And Performance Monitoring Of Corrosion Protection By Fiber-Reinforced Composite Wrapping
  491. Experimental Evaluation And Buckling Analysis Of Woven Glass Epoxy Laminated Composite Plate
  492. A Project on Experimental Evaluation And Finite Element Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring For Automotive Vehicle
  493. Experimental Investigation Of Fiber Orientation In Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
  494. A Project on Surface Fracture Analysis of Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites Treated With Different Type Of Coupling Agent
  495. Mechanical Behavior Of Glass/Epoxy Composites At Liquid Nitrogen Temperature
  496. A Project on Effect Of Moisture And Aging On Adhesive Strength
  497. Finite Element Analysis And Experimental Evaluation Of Bonded,Riveted And Hybrid Joints In Glass Fiber Epoxy Composite Laminates for Aircraft Structure
  498. A Project on Application Of Coir Fibers as Concrete Composites For Disaster Prone Structures
  499. A Project on Experimental Investigation of fiber Orientation In Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
  500. Mechanical Characterization and Comparison of Glass Fiber reinforced Aluminum Alloy (GFRAA) to Improve the strengthening
  501. A Project on Experimental Investigation Of Fiber Orientation In Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
  502. A Project on Experimental Investigation Of Elliptical De-lamination In Composite Laminates
  503. Mechanical Behavior Analysis Of Polyester Polymer Mortars Modified With Recycled GFRP Waste Materials
  504. A Project on Experiment For Bending Analysis Of 3-Phase Composite Plate In Ship Structure
  505. Composite material reinforcement of the leaf spring for the material Glass Carbon Composite.
  506. A Project on Design of power filter using Pro-E
  507. 3D Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of First Molar Human Tooth using ANSYS Software.
  508. A Project on Parametric optimization of a 220cc oil cooled engine cylinder fins.
  509. Cutting strategies for manufacturing of forging die on CNC milling machines
  510. A Project on Wear analysis of hot forging dies in ANSYS Software
  511. A problem on Cryogenics is modeled and analyzed using NX and ANSYS Software.
  512. Machine Monitoring System
  513. Effect of Orientation angle of Elliptical hole on residual stresses and expansion of Plastic zone in thermoplastic composite plates under In-plane loading.
  514. A Project on Injection Mould tool design and Mould flow analysis of Exhaust fan in ANSYS software.
  515. Compensation of tool forces in small diameter solid Carbide end mills.
  516. Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque in drilling of Aluminum, Cast Iron, EN 28.
  517. A Project on Motor Shaft Positioning Indicator
  518. A Project on Automatic Tool Store system
  519. A Project on Mechanical properties of Friction Stir butt welding of AI7475 & AI 6061.
  520. Comparison And Experimental Investigation of Glass Fiber And Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites
  521. Experimental Characterization Of Inter laminar Shear Strength And Flexural Strength Of Glass And Carbon Composite Laminates Under repeated Curing.
  522. A Project on Fatigue And Fracture Of Fiber Composites Under Combined Inter laminar Stresses
  523. A Project on Effect Of Strain Rate On The Tensile Failure Of Glass-Fiber Braided Tubes
  524. A Project on Experimental Evaluation And Buckling Analysis Of Woven Glass Epoxy Laminated Composite Plate For Aircraft Applications
  525. A Project on Biaxial Testing Of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Laminates
  526. A Nickel-Carbon-Fiber Composite For Large Adaptive Mirrors: Fabrication Methods And Properties
  527. A Project on Experimental Analysis Of De-Lamination In Drilling For Aircraft Structure
  528. Experimental Investigation Of Woven E-Glass Epoxy Composite Laminates Subjected To Tensile And Impact At Different Loads
  529. Durability Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Bars
  530. Fatigue Behavior Study On Repaired Aramid Fiber/Epoxy Composites Fracture Toughness Of Through-Thickness Reinforced Composites
  531. A Project on Mechanical Behavior of Bagasse Fiber Epoxy Composites At Liquid Nitrogen Temperature
  532. A Project on Impact Analysis And Experimental Evaluation On Stitched And Unstitched Fiber Glass – Epoxy Laminate to Increase Strength In Aircraft Structures
  533. A Project on Thermal Conductivity Of Structural Glass/Fiber Epoxy Composite As a Function Of Fiber Orientation Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Composites
  534. Performance improvement of an automobile radiator using CFD analysis
  535. CFD Analysis Of Airflow And Temperature Distribution In Buildings
  536. A Project on Flow in gutters and downpipes
  537. Evaluation of CFD Sub-Models for the Intake Manifold Port Flow Analysis
  538. Evaluation of CFD to predict smoke movement in complex enclosed spaces
  539. A Project on CFD analysis of a simple convergent flow using ANSYS
  540. CFD analysis of supersonic exhaust in a scramjet engine
  541. A Project on CFD Analyses Of The Gas Flow Inside The Vessel Of A Hot Isotactic Press
  542. CFD based process on modeling of a rotary furnace for Aluminum scrap melting
  543. A Project on CFD analysis of combustion and emissions to study the effect of compression ratio and biogas substitution in a diesel engine
  544. Effect of Swept Blade on Performance of a Small Size Axial Fan
  545. A Project on CFD Solution of Internal (shock tube and coquette flow) & External (Airfoil and cylinder) flow
  546. CFD Analysis of Mixing and Combustion of a Scramjet Combustor with a Planer Strut Injector
  547. A Project on CFD analysis for transient turbocharger flows by varying flow rate.
  548. A study of computational fluid dynamics Applied to room air flow
  549. Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism For
    Cutting Machine
  550. A Project on Motorized Screw Jack
  551. Automatic Boring Mechanism For Boundry
  552. A Project on Automatic Reverse Braking And Distance Measurement Using Ultrasonic
  553. Automatic Car Parking System
  554. A Project on Automatic Railway Gate Controller
  555. Automatic Door Opening And Closing System
  556. A Project on Automatic Gear Tramission For Two Wheeler
  557. Automatic Hydraulic Moving Jack For Four Wheeler
  558. Fabricating A homemade Conveyer Belt For Industries
  559. A Project on Automatic Petrol Bunk
  560. Fabrications Of Vending Machine With Simple Coin Mechanism
  561. Automatic Bottle Filling System
  562. A Project on Automatic Blackboard Cleaner White Board Cleaner
  563. Automatic Break Failure Indicator
  564. A Project on Aero plane visual landing gear arrangement with tyre pressure Inflation system
  565. A Project on GPS based ship navigation system
  566. A Project on Fabrication of totally enclosed life boat
  567. A Project on Sea water converted to drinking water using solar power
  568. A Project on Fabrication of pulse jet engine
  569. A Project on Lubrication oil cooing system for ship
  570. Compartment wise emergency exit in aeroplane
  571. A Project on Formation and development of submerged air jets
  572. Cyclone separator with Blower
  573. A Project on Acetylene powered jet engine
  574. A Project on Fabrication of black box in aeroplane
  575. A Project on Water fuel engine for mini boat
  576. Fabrication of aluminum sail boat
  577. Fabrication of pneumatic steering for ship
  578. A Project on Fabrication of fly car
  579. Fabrication of Rubber Tree Tapping Machine
  580. A Project on Multipurpose Seed Shower
  581. Fabrication of Paddy Harvesting and Threshing Machine
  582. Design and Analysis of Universal Cutter (Specially for Coconut and Areca nut)
  583. A Project on Automatic Seed Sowing using Solar
  584. Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System for Garden
  585. Water Pumping System using Wind Power
  586. Fabrication of Sun Flower harvesting machine
  587. Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Weed Remover in Sugarcane Farm
  588. A Project on Automatic Fault Egg Sorting Machine
  589. Hydraulic 3 Axis modern trailer for Agriculture
  590. Automatic Fault Egg Sorting Machine
  591. A Project on Rear Wheel Steering for trailer Trucks
  592. Design & Fabrication of Plant Trimmer
  593. Fabrication of Solar Seed Dryer
  594. A Project on Fabrication of airbag automation
  595. Automatic steering alignment system with head light dim/bright controller
  596. A Project on Pneumatic auto feed drilling machine
  597. Quick tool retrieval system for industry
  598. Fabrication of Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)
  599. Fabrication of automatic shoe polishing machine
  600. A Project on Automatic turbo charger at low and high speed
  601. Automatic speed breaker for preventing accident in school zone
  602. Multi tasked smart wheel chair for physically challenged people
  603. A Project on Fabrication of paper recycling machine
  604. Automatic steering control system for automobile
  605. Automatic differential unit locking system
  606. Automatic sheet metal feeding and cutting machine
  607. A Project on Automatic speed breaker depending upon vehicle over speed control
  608. Design and fabrication of Self balancing vehicle
  609. A Project on Fabrication of Mini Water Heater
  610. A Project on Fabrication of solar water Dissolution by using photovoltaic method
  611. A Project on Fabrication of Bottle Cooler
  612. A Project on Fabrication of Solar Air Dryer
  613. A Project on Fabrication of L.L.D.P. Material extruder
  614. A Project on Fabrication of Miniature Boiler
  615. Force-Fed Micro channels for High Flux Cooling Applications
  616. Improving to the heat transfer rate for multi cylinder engines
  617. A Project on Waste chill recovery heat exchanger
  618. A Project on Fabrication of Solar Air Conditioner
  619. A Project on Fabrication of Lube oil cooler
  620. A Project on Fabrication of Micro Wave Oven
  621. Automatic Electro-plating coating process
  622. A Project on Fabrication of Solar Fridge
  623. A Project on Fabrication of Airbag Automation
  624. A Project on Fabrication of Solar sterling engine
  625. A Project on Fabrication of Mini Water Heater
  626. Fabrication of solar water Dissolution by using photovoltaic method
  627. A Project on Fabrication of Bottle Cooler
  628. A Project on Fabrication of Solar Air Dryer
  629. A Project on Fabrication of L.L.D.P. Material extruder
  630. A Project on Fabrication of Miniature Boiler
  631. Force-Fed Micro channels for High Flux Cooling Applications
  632. Improving to the heat transfer rate for multi cylinder engines
  633. Waste chill recovery heat exchanger
  634. Fabrication of Solar Air Conditioner
  635. Fabrication of Lube oil cooler
  636. Fabrication of Micro Wave Oven
  637. Automatic Electro-plating coating process
  638. A Project on Fabrication of Solar Fridge
  639. A Project on Fabrication of Airbag Automation
  640. A Project on Fabrication of pick and place mechanism (prototype model)
  641. Fabrication of Mechanical Grass Cutter Machine(Using Bevel Gears Arrangement) (prototype model)
  642. A Project on Fabrication of hydro power plant mechanical (prototype model)
  643. Fabrication of electricity and water pumping system using wind mill (prototype model)
  644. A Project on Fabrication of railway track power generation (prototype model)
  645. Fabrication of electricity from road with kinetic energy (prototype model)
  646. A Project on Fabrication of seed sower machine (prototype model)
  647. Fabrication of electrical power generation by gym unit (prototype model)
  648. A Project on Fabrication of automatic side stand retrieve system (prototype model)
  649. Fabrication of water lifter from river-giant wheel method (prototype model)
  650. A Project on Fabrication of multi spindle drilling machine (prototype model)
  651. Fabrication of multi wheel nut remover and tightener(prototype model)
  652. Fabrication of electromagnetic mobile scrap collecting machine. (prototype model)
  653. A Project on Fabrication of gearless transmission (prototype model)
  654. Fabrication of automatic cheese cutter (prototype model)
  655. A Project on Fabrication of solar air dryer
  656. A Project on Generation of electricity from ocean waves using rack and pinion mechanism
  657. A Project on Solar automobile air conditioner
  658. A Project on Solar electric GoPed drive
  659. Fabrication of buggy with solar hybrid vehicle
  660. A Project on Solar still coupled with air conditioner

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