Mechanical Projects list for Diploma and Mechanical Students:Mechanical is one of the stream of Engineering which applies the principles of physics,material science and engineering for the design,manufacturing,Analysis and Maintenance of Mechanical systems.

It also includes mechanics,kinematics,dynamics,structural analysis,Thermodynamics etc.You can perform various Mechanical projects in this Mechanical Field.Therefore,In this article,I will be exploring about (240+Updated) Mechanical Projects list 2017-2018 for Diploma and Mechanical Students in a broader way.

(240+Updated) Mechanical Projects list for Diploma and Mechanical Students

(240+Updated) Mechanical Projects list:

A list of 240+Updated Mechanical Projects are explored below with a wide variety of concepts and are as follows.

  1. A Mechanical Project on Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  2. Auto Indexing Gear Cutting Attachment for Pneumatic Shaper Machine
  3. A Mechanical Project on Anti-Hijack System for Aeroplane
  4. Air Pollution Monitored system
  5. Antilock Braking System – Pneumatic
  6. Auto Clutch for Automobiles
  7. Auto Indexing Gear Cutting Attachment for Pneumatic Shaper Machine
  8. Automatic Braking System
  9. Automated Track Guided Vehicle
  10. Agricultural Running of Motor Pump by the usage of Solar Power
  11. Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant
  12. Aeroplane Controlling System
  13. Automatic Train Station Announcement System with Bomb Detection
  14. Automatic AC Control System For Automobiles or cars
  15. Automatic Bottle Filling System
  16. Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Pneumatic Bend And Bend Removing Machines
  17. Automatic Acceleration Controlling System In Traffic Signals
  18. Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Machines or Automobiles
  19. Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism for Cutting Machine
  20. Automatic Board Cleaner
  21. 90˚ Turning Steering Mechanism for Four Wheeler
  22. Accident Preventing System for Automatic Pneumatic Printing Press
  23. Accident Avoiding System for Cutting Machines
  24. Abrasive Belt Grinder
  25. Accident Avoiding System for Punching Machine
  26. Abrasive Jet Machining
  27. Automatic Break Failure Indicator in any vehicle
  28. Automatic Hydro Pneumatic Lubricating System
  29. Automatic Head Light Dim – Bright Controller
  30. Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine
  31. Engine Over Heat & Break Failure Controller
  32. Engine Over Heating Alarm
  33. Automatic Head Light Alignment System
  34. Automatic Embossing Drilling Machine
  35. Automatic Gear Changer In Two Wheelers – Pneumatic Model
  36. Automatic Gear Transmission for Two Wheeler
  37. Automatic Hand Break Release
  38. Automatic Electro Hydraulic Jack
  39. Automatic Foot Dust Vacuum Cleaning Machine
  40. Automatic Head Light Alignment System
  41. Automatic Dam Shutter Controlling System
  42. Automatic Coil Winding Machine
  43. Automatic Car Parking System
  44. Automatic Dish Washing Machine
  45. Automatic Differential Unit Locking System
  46. Automatic Door Opened and Closed System
  47. Automatic Dam Shutter Open – Close System
  48. Automatic Distance Measurement and Braking System Using Ultrasonic
  49. Automatic Double Axis Welding Robot
  50. Automatic Electro Magnetic Clutch


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  1. Automatic Double Axis Welding Machine
  2. Automatic Electro Platting Coating System
  3. Automatic Drilling and Tapping Machine
  4. Automatic Double Axis Welding Machine
  5. Automated fully Electro Hydraulic Jack
  6. Automated Electro  Hydraulic Brake
  7. Automatic Clutch and Braking System for Four Wheeler
  8. Automatic Laminating System
  9. Automatic Laser Guided Punching Machine
  10. Automatic Magnetic Accident Preventing System for Train
  11. Automatic Lamination Machine
  12. Automatic Industrial Fire Fighter (Semi)
  13. Automatic Lubrication Unit
  14. Automatic Paint Spraying Equipment
  15. Automatic Musical Water Foundation
  16. Automatic Packing Control Machine for Industrial Applications
  17. Automatic Lubrication System
  18. Automatic Parking Braking System
  19. Automatic Petrol Bunk
  20. Automatic Paper Counting Machine
  21. Automatic Paint Spraying Pick and Place Robot
  22. Automatic Pneumatic Hammer
  23. Automatic Pneumatic High Speed Sheet Cutting Machine
  24. Automatic Pneumatic Punching and Riveting Machine
  25. Automatic Power Saving Punching Conveyor
  26. Automatic Pneumatic Stand for Two Wheeler
  27. Automatic Pneumatic Riveting Machine
  28. Automatic Pneumatic Ramming Machine
  29. Automatic Pneumatic Vulcanizing Machine
  30. Automatic Pneumatic Shaping Machine
  31. Automatic Pneumatic Tapping Machine (Semi)
  32. Automatic Pneumatic Reciprocating Grinding Machine
  33. Automatic Pneumatic Water Pumping System
  34. Automatic Pneumatic Vice and Jack
  35. Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine
  36. Automatic Pressure Control Valve-Open Close System
  37. Automatic Pneumatic Punching Machine
  38. Automatic Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine
  39. Automatic Pneumatic Printing Press
  40. Automatic Pneumatic High Speed Hack Saw Machine
  41. Automatic Pneumatic Grinding Machine (Semi – Auto Feed Mechanism)
  42. Automatic Parking Braking System
  43. Automatic Pneumatic Cutting and Grinding Machine
  44. Automatic Punching Machine
  45. Automatic Punching Conveyor
  46. Automatic Railway Gate Controller
  47. Automatic Side Stand with Breaking Locking System
  48. Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
  49. Automatic Railway Track Crack Detecting Robot
  50. Automatic Spiral Punching Machine
  51. Automatic Vegetable Cutting Machine
  52. Automatic Steering Mechanism
  53. Automatic Wheel Air Filling System
  54. Automatic Vehicle over Speed Indication and Controlling System
  55. Barrel Lifting
  56. Automatic Wiper
  57. Battery Car – Engine
  58. Busbar Feeder Controller Using PLC
  59. Button Operated Electro– Magnetic Gear Shifting System
  60. Cam Vice
  61. Car and Bus Reverse Operating Navigation System Using IR Rays
  62. Cell Phone Controlled Solar Vehicle
  63. Coffee Maker
  64. Coil Winding Machine
  65. Coin Box Based Automatic Wheel Air Filling System
  66. Cell Phone Controlled Material Handling Vehicle
  67. Compressed Air Production Using Speed Breaker
  68. Compressed Air Engine
  69. Cylindrical Tapping Machine
  70. Circular Cutting Machine
  71. Cooling Tower with Power Generation System
  72. Fully Automated Conveyor
  73. Concave Attachment for Lathe
  74. Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspensor
  75. Concave Attachment for Shaper
  76. Conveyor Operated Robot
  77. Conveyor Automation
  78. Cooling Tower
  79. Dosa Maker
  80. Degree Turning Steering Mechanism – Four Wheeler
  81. Cylindrical Grinding Machine
  82. Design and Fabrication of Vertical Axis Windmill
  83. Digital Hydraulic Jack
  84. Electrical Power Generation Using Shock Absorber
  85. Electrical Power Generation Using Foot Step
  86. Electric Car
  87. Efficiency Increasing System by Using Preheating Method
  88. Elimination of Carbon Particles from Exhaust Gas
  89. Electrical Power Generation Using Speed Brake
  90. Electro Magnetic Shock Absorber
  91. Electricity and Water Pumping System Using Wind Mill
  92. Electrical Power Generation Using Railway Track
  93. Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery
  94. Electromagnetic Scrap Removing Machine
  95. Driverless Car
  96. Electro Magnetic Shock Absorber
  97. Automatic Path Finding Vehicle
  98. Drips Rate Monitor & Alarm
  99. Engine Overheat Alarm
  100. Energy Conservation in Steam Power Plant
  101. Emergency Braking System
  102. Fabrication of Homemade Air Conditioner
  103. Fabrication of Electrical Energy from Speed Breaker
  104. Fabrication of Solar and Wind Train
  105. Fabrication of Industrial Trolley
  106. Fabrication of Hydraulic Power Plant
  107. Fabrication of Solar Water Cooler
  108. Fabrication of Multi Spindle Drill Head
  109. Fabrication of Magnetic Levitation Train
  110. Fabrication of Wind Mill
  111. Fiber Extracting Machine
  112. Fabrication of Windmill and Controlling the Direction
  113. Fabrications of Pedal Power 4 Wheel Steering Mechanism
  114. Gasifier
  115. Fuel Injection
  116. Floor Cleaning Machine
  117. Four – Axis Material Handling Robot
  118. Friction Welding Machine
  119. Gear Type Injection Molding Machine
  120. Fuel Processing Technology
  121. Gear Cutting Attachment for Lathe machine
  122. Film Roll Cutter
  123. Grass Cutter
  124. Hand Propulsion and Steering Dampening for Three wheel ers
  125. GPS Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System
  126. Home Flour Mill
  127. High Speed Portable Pipe Cutting Machine
  128. Grinding Machine
  129. Home Appliance Turbine
  130. Hybrid System for Home
  131. Horizontal Turbine Type Domestic Wind Mill
  132. Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  133. Hydraulic Cylinder Liner Puller
  134. Two wheeler Hybrid Vehicle
  135. Hydraulic Fork Lifter
  136. Hydraulic Lift with Pressure Booster
  137. Hydraulic Press with Power Pack
  138. Hydraulic Mobile Crane
  139. Hydro Power Plant
  140. Hydrogen Engine cum LPG
  141. Hydraulic Screw Jack
  142. Injection Molding Machine
  143. Industrial Boiler Flame Remote Adjustment System
  144. Hydro – Pneumatic Vice with Pressure Booster
  145. Hydraulic Lift with Power Pack
  146. Lathe Coolant Pump
  147. Mechanical Mini Plastic Crusher   Machine
  148. Manual Sheet Rolling Machine
  149. Magnetic Shock Absorber
  150. Mini Robot Car
  151. Mechanical Grass Cutter
  152. Horizontal Axis Wind Mill
  153. Hybrid Vehicle
  154. Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
  155. Intelligent Motorized Hydraulic Jack
  156. Involute Gear Profile Error Detector
  157. Lathe machine with Milling operation Attachment
  158. Intelligent Motorized Wall Painting Crane
  159. Material Dimension Analyzing Robot
  160. Magnetic Suspension System
  161. Mini Jet Engine
  162. Noise Control of Two Stroke Petrol Engine Using Aqua Silencer
  163. Paint Mixing Machine
  164. Oil Pump Testing Equipment
  165. Pedestal Spot Welding Machine
  166. Pipe Thread Cutting Machine
  167. Pneumatic Controller
  168. Pneumatic Bearing Press
  169. Pneumatic Four – Axis Material Handling Equipment
  170. Remote Controlled Sofa Comfort
  171. Remote Operated Pneumatic Material Handling Robot
  172. Sensor Operated Auto feed Punching Machine
  173. Sensor Operated Intelligent Braking
  174. Pneumatic Auto Feed Sheet Cutting Machine
  175. Pneumatic Acrylic Sheet Bending Machine
  176. Reaction Turbine
  177. Pneumatic Vice
  178. Quick Jack
  179. Railway Track Disconnect Detection System
  180. Radial Plunger Pump
  181. Sensor Operated Automatic Water Level Indicator and Controlling System
  182. Six Axis Material Handling Robot
  183. Solar operated Cycle
  184. Thermo Electric Refrigerator
  185. Steam Power Plant
  186. Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System
  187. Robot with Crane System
  188. Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot with Video Camera
  189. Pneumatic Double Axis Welding Machine
  190. Regenerative Braking System
  191. Pneumatic Quick Return Mechanism
  192. Remote Controlled Weapon System
  193. Sensor Operated Automatic Ramming Machine
  194. Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot with Remote Control
  195. Pneumatic Drilling Machine
  196. Remote Controlled Solar Vehicle
  197. Pneumatic Injection Molding Machine
  198. Pneumatic Rotary Grinding Machine
  199. Solar Operated Robot
  200. Sensor Operated Auto feed Punching Machine

This is the complete 240+Updated list of Mechanical Projects in a broader way which can be helpful to number of mechanical students.Hope these Mechanical Projects list is helpful to you.

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