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Optimization of Manufacturing Process Plan of GIMBAL for Targeted Missiles

Optimization of Manufacturing Process Plan of GIMBAL for Targeted Missiles:Process planning is concerned with determining the sequence of individual manufacturing operations needed to produce a given part or product.In this article,I am going to publish about the project of optimization of manufacturing process plan of gimbal for targeted missiles in a detailed manner with the help of Abstract,Explanation and Aim of the project.

Optimization of Manufacturing Process Planning of GIMBAL for Targeted Missiles
Optimization of Manufacturing Process Planning of GIMBAL for Targeted Missiles

Process planning translates design information into the process steps and instructions to efficiently and effectively manufacture products. The resulting operation sequence is documented on a form typically referred to as a process sheet/method sheet containing a listing of the production operations and associated machine tools for a work part or assembly. Process planning in manufacturing also refers to the planning of use of blanks, spare parts, packaging material, user instructions (manuals) etc.

Explanation Of GIMBAL For Target Missiles

  • The sensor platform consists of an outer (azimuth) and inner (elevation) gimbals.
  • The two gimbals actuator systems are assembled to sensor plate for target missiles.
  • The purpose of gimbaled stabilization system is to stabilize the sensor’s line of sight towards a target by isolating the sensor from the disturbance induced by the operating environment.
  • Creating holes with high accuracy is tough task on lathe mill machine.
  • To overcome from this problem number of operations and repeated drilling operations should be reduced.
  • Repeated drilling operations reduce positioning of holes and dimensional accuracy of holes.
  • To reduce umber of operations specified tools must be designed according to the model of gimbal outer.  

AIM Of GIMBAL For Target Missiles

  • The main aim of this project is creating 3D model using unigraphics software.
  • Generating NC program of gimbal using NX-CAM software which is exclusively CAM software used to generate part program by feeding the geometry of the component and defining the proper tool path and thus transferring the generated part program to the required CNC machine with the help of DNC lines.
  • The operator thus executes the program with suitable requirements. The project deals with optimizing process plan by specifying appropriate tools, developing tools design if demanded.

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