engineering metrology category feature image
Engineering Metrology
In this subject, Engineering Metrology, you will learn some basic comparators, and their principle, limit, fit, tolerance and more.
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Engineering Thermodynamics
In Thermodynamics, we have covered the Laws of thermodynamics, the principle of heat transfer, properties of a system, working cycles, and more.
refrigeration and air-conditioning category image
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
In Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, we have covered, how summer, winter AC System works, How refrigerator works? What is Refrigeration and more.
TOM Category Image
Theory of Machine
In this subject, we have covered belt drives, chain drives, cam, followers and more.
material science category image
Material Science
In this subject, we have covered then properties of metal, TTT diagram, Iron-Carbon Diagram, and more
manufacturing process category image
Manufacturing Process
In this subject, we have cover conventional, and non-conventional machining process, and more
FMHM category image
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines
In this subject, we have covered pumps, compressor, turbine etc.
engineering drawing category image
Engineering Drawing
In this topic, we have article on the instruments you need for engineering drawing, basic idea about projection and more.
automobile engineering category image
Automobile Engineering
This paper consist of ignition, cooling, lubrication system of an automobile, along with the detail explanation of Engine and more.

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