Production Engineering Concepts PDF-Casting, Welding, Forming, Machining etc.

Production Engineering PDF-Casting, Welding, Metal Forming, Machining, etc.: All the concepts of Production Engineering are presented below in the form of links. They consist of Metal Casting Process, Metal Joining Process, Metal Forming Process, Machining Process, etc. Apart from that, Plastics, Processing of plastics, Process Planning, design thinking, etc. concepts are also furnished below in the form of links.

Production Engineering
Production engineering concepts

Go through each and every heading and under them a lot of data related to it was present. Read them thoroughly and if there exist any mistake, please do report below in the form of the comment section.

Production Engineering Concepts:

All the concepts of Production Engineering are furnished below.

CASTING Process:

Casting: Importance, Advantages, Limitations, Moulding Materials, Mould, Methods

Pattern: Properties, Types, Pattern Materials, Disadvantages, and Applications

Sand Casting Process – Definition, Steps, Diagram, Aspiration Effect, Elements of Sprue, etc.

Die Casting Process-Principle, Types, Gravity&Pressure Die casting, Applications, Advantages

Shell Mould Casting-Features, Ceramic Slurry, Applications, Adv&Disadvantages

What are the 5 crucial steps of Metal Casting process?

What are the different Types of allowances in the Casting process?

Investment Casting Process

Top 4 Machine Moulding operations used in the Casting Process

Hand Moulding Method used in Casting Process-Ramming and Compressing

Metal Joining Process or Welding Process:

What is the detailed explanation of Electric Arc Welding with generic Features?

Welding-Definition, Applications, Methods of Joining, Weld’s joints, Coated Electrode

Gas Welding: Oxy-Acetylene, Equipment Details, Types of Flames, Applications

Resistance Spot Welding: Concept, Advantages, Limitations, and Applications

Brazing and Soldering Process: Mechanism, Filler rod, Applications

Why Post Heating in Welding Process is Necessary?

What are the different types of Welding Processes-Fusion, Non-Fusion and Pressure welding?

What is Arc Recovery Time and Arc Characteristics in Electric Arc Welding Process?

Metal Forming Process:

Metal Forming Process: Rolling, Forging, Extrusion, Principle, Applications

Sheet Metal Operations: Punching, Blanking, Deep Drawing, Bending, Applications

5+Types of Dies used in Sheet Metal Operations at respective stages and strokes

Machining Process:

Machining Process: Types, Advantages, Limitations, Machine Tool, Cutting Tool, Chips

Electrochemical Machining: Principle, Working, Advantages, Limitations, Applications

Radial Drilling Machine: Working Principle, Construction, Mechanism, Types

Electric Discharge Machining(EDM): Principle, Working, Advantages, Limitations, Applications

Surface Grinding Machine: Definition, Types of Grinding Process, Function of Parts, Working

USM (Ultrasonic Machining)

WJM (Water Jet Machining)

AWJM (Abrasive Water Jet Machining)

Milling Operation: Types, Def,5 Types of Milling Cutters, Up Milling and Down Milling

LBM (Laser Beam Machining)

Additive Manufacturing: Fused Deposition Modelling, Selective Laser Sintering(SLS)

Principle and Construction of Lathe

CNC Machine Parts: NC, CNC, Parts of CNC Machine, Servomotor, Applications

Plastics: Processing and Types of Plastics:

Types of Plastics-Thermoplastics & Thermosetting Plastics

Blow Moulding Process-Pressure Distribution, Applications, Differences, etc.

Injection Moulding Process-Machine, Applications or Products and Defects

Compression Molding Process-Thermoplastics & Thermosets |Applications

Glass: Introduction, Manufacturing, General Properties, and Glass Cutting Tools

Process Planning:

Structure of Computer Aided Process Planning(CAPP)

Process Planning in Manufacturing-Definition with Suitable Steps

CAPP: Generative, Variant & Retrieval CAPP-Detailed

What are the 3 layers of Manufacturing Flexibility in FMS?


What is the Design Procedure for Knuckle Joint?

What is the Design Procedure for Cotter Joint?

The examples of DBMS with all Data Models

What is Just In Time Stock Replenishment?

What is Just In Time Manufacturing?

Design Thinking Process-6 Phases in Design

Computational Material Science: History, Role, Aim, Goal and Scope

What is the Clearance between Die and Hole in design?

What is Spring Back in Design?

How to determine the location of the shear center in the sections?

What is the Second Theorem of CASTIGLIANO?

What are the 6 Phases in Design?

How to do the material selection with the help of Flowcharts?

What is the Specification and Features of Electrode E-7018X?

20 G-Codes and M-Codes(14) of CNC Part Programming-Especially for GATE Exam

14 M Codes A GATE Student must know in CNC Programming

Strength of Materials:

Principal Stresses, Principal planes, Maximum Shear stress, Maximum Shear Stress Planes with Formulas

3 Types of Strain every Engineer must know-Normal Strain, Shear Strain & Volumetric Strain

3 Types of Fits-Clearance Fit, Transition Fit & Interference Fit Every Engineer must know-Interview

Difference between homogeneous Property, Isotropic Property, Orthotropic Property & An-isotropic Property

31 Mechanical properties of metals that every Mechanical engineer must know-Interview

Difference between Nano Material, Macro Material, Micro Material, and Smart Material

Sine bar – Principle, Formula, Construction, Limitations&Factors

Stress-Strain Curve-True Stress V/s True Strain and Engineering Stress V/s Engineering Strain

Heat Treatment Process: Types, Hardening

Difference between Mass and Weight

Iron-Carbon Diagram Theory |2 Marks for GATE 2019|Important Notes

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