115+Updated projects on Hydraulics and Pneumatics for Mechanical Engineering Students: Hydraulics and Pneumatics projects are mostly used in the industries where there is an application of force.

There are also used in Proclainers, JCB’s which can lift the huge amount of load by the application of pressure. Students who are interested in this field can take active participation in choosing the right project for your academic curriculum.

Therefore, in this article, I will be listing out the 115+Updated projects on Hydraulics and Pneumatics for Mechanical Engineering Students below.

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hydraulic and pneumatics projects on mechanical engineering

115+Updated projects on Hydraulics and Pneumatics for Mechanical Engineering Students:

The projects on Hydraulics and Pneumatics are presented below.

  1. Auto indexing gear cutting attachment for pneumatic shaping machine
  2. A Project on Compressed air generation using speed breaker
  3. Hydro-Pneumatic vice with pressure booster
  4. A Project on Automatic hydro-pneumatic lubrication system
  5. A Project on Hydraulic hybrid system for four wheeler
  6. Automatic side stands with breaking locking system
  7. A Project on Automatic parking breaking system for four wheeler
  8. A Project on Automatic pick and place paint spraying equipment
  9. A Project on Button operated pneumatic gear changer in two wheeler
  10. Fabrication of pedal operated air compressor
  11. A Project on Automatic emergency exit and tyre inflation system
  12. Magneto Rheological Fluid (MRF) braking system
  13. A Project on Multiple roller handling pneumatic manipulator
  14. Fabrication of air bag system for two wheelers
  15. A Project on Pneumatic double axis escalator arm
  16. Automatic pneumatic punching and riveting machine
  17. A Project on Pneumatic controlled steps in bus with break locking system
  18. Automatic reverse locking system using differential unit
  19. A Project on Fabrication of pneumatic disc brake
  20. Pneumatic plastic crushing and moulding machine
  21. A Project on Automobile suspension made of hydraulic magneto rheological damper
  22. A Project on Pneumatic auto feed riveting machine
  23. A Project on Magneto hydro dynamic (MHD) breaking
  24. A Project on Manual hydraulic sheet cutting machine
  25. A Project on Fabrication of bore well child rescuing machine
  26. A Project on Hydraulic cylinder liner puller
  27. Generative braking system using pneumatic interface
  28. A Project on Foot operated hydraulic vice
  29. A Project on Pneumatic speed breaker with day and night control
  30. Combination of emergency, intelligence and anti-lock braking system
  31. A Project on Fabrication of coconut tree sprayer
  32. Pneumatic operated ladle tilting mechanism for foundries
  33. A Project on Fabrication of mini hydraulic press
  34. Pneumatic double side cutter width work mechanism
  35. A Project on Pneumatic scissor Lifter
  36. A Project on Fabrication of pneumatic slotting machine
  37. A Project on Pneumatic cutting and grinding machine
  38. A Project on Fabrication of automatic color code sensing punching machine
  39. A Project on Accident avoiding system for punching machine
  40. Remote controlled hydraulic jack trolley
  41. A Project on Automatic PVC pipe feeding and cutting machine
  42. Pneumatic operated Emergency Braking System (EBS)
  43. A Project on Fabrication of pneumatic multipurpose machine
  44. Automated paper cup feeding and making machine
  45. A Project on Automatic fault egg sorting machine
  46. Intelligent active suspension system for two wheeler
  47. A Project on Remote controlled car/bus door open/close mechanism
  48. A Project on Three axis hydraulic modern trailer
  49. Multipurpose sheet metal cutting and bending machine
  50. Electronic assisted hydraulic breaking system
  51. A Project on Fabrication of pneumatic mobile crane
  52. Pneumatic automatic vegetable cutting machine
  53. A Project on Automatic coconut cutting machine
  54. Pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system
  55. A Project on Pneumatic operated Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  56. Fabrication of auto feed pneumatic vice
  57. A Project on Fabrication of three axis pneumatic modern trailer
  58. Automatic pneumatic sheet cutting machine
  59. A Project on Automatic pneumatic hammer
  60. Injection molding for key cover plate
  61. A Project on Pneumatic four (or) six axis JCB equipment
  62. Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision
  63. A Project on Motorized triangular air compressor
  64. Fabrication of smart energy monitoring break over module
  65. A Project on Hydraulic TMT rod bending machine
  66. Safety system to avoid accident when driver is in sleep
  67. A Project on Automatic electro hydraulic braking system
  68. Design and fabrication of pneumatic automatic printing press
  69. A Project on Pneumatic six axis material handling equipment
  70. A Project on Mini hydraulic hand operated zip crane
  71. Eye blink sensor based automatic breaking and bumper system
  72. A Project on Pneumatic auto feed drilling machine
  73. Pneumatic gear tooth grinding machine
  74. A Project on Compressor gas level digital indicator with alarm system
  75. A Project on Automatic paint spraying equipment
  76. A Project on Pneumatic leaf-cup making machine
  77. A Project on Fabrication of hydraulic fork lift
  78. A Project on Hydraulic parking attachment for car
  79. Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
  80. A Project on Automatic sensor operated pneumatic braking system
  81. Active brake torque vectoring In differential unit
  82. A Project on Fabrication of hydraulic sensing cutting machine
  83. A Project on Automatic pneumatic vice and jack
  84. Quick lifting hydraulic jack with gear arrangement
  85. A Project on Pneumatic Injection moulding machine
  86. Fabrication of air brake system using exhaust gas
  87. A Project on Hydraulic lift with power pack
  88. A Project on Fabrication of pneumatic pellet press
  89. Hydraulic sheet bending machine with power pack
  90. Electro hydraulic system for automation in vehicle
  91. A Project on Pneumatic operated Inspection conveyor
  92. Automatic pneumatic bottle washing machine
  93. A Project on Automatic differential unit locking system
  94. Automatic pneumatic jack for four wheeler
  95. Pneumatic coconut dehusking machine
  96. A Project on Fabrication of pneumatic steering for ship
  97. Automatic pneumatic ramming machine
  98. Automatic pneumatic chapatti making machine
  99. A Project on Pneumatic brick handling machine
  100. A Project on Pneumatic envelope cover making machine
  101. Automatic pneumatic double axis welding machine
  102. A Project on Pneumatic reciprocating hack saw machine
  103. Pneumatic time reduction in shaping machine
  104. A Project on Pneumatic road marking machine
  105. Design and fabrication of human air bag
  106. A Project on Pneumatic multipurpose press system
  107. Fabrication of pneumatic bell crank press
  108. Automatic multi point grease gun
  109. A Project on Automatic electro hydraulic jack
  110. Fully automated hydraulic crane
  111. A Project on Fabrication of pneumatic belt conveyor
  112. Hydraulic armature bearing remove system
  113. A Project on Fabrication of hydraulic tail stock
  114. Pneumatic bearing press and puller
  115. A Project on Paper cup making machine
  116. A Project on Pneumatic auto gear changer
  117. Pneumatic wheel chair cum bed
  118. A Project on Pneumatic powered bicycle
  119. A Project on Inbuilt hydraulic jack for automobile


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