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Do you want to know the Top 11 Properties of Ceramics?

Top 11 Properties of Ceramics:The mixture of metal oxide powders like the Powder of Aluminum oxide,Powder of Silicon Oxide and the Powder of Zirconium oxide are collectively  called as ceramics.The various Properties of Ceramics are shown below in a detailed manner.

Do you want to know the Top 11 properties of Ceramics.
Do you want to know the Top 11 properties of Ceramics.

Top 11 Properties of Ceramics:

The Properties of Ceramics which plays a crucial role in the field of mechanical engineering  are as follows:

  1. Bond:The ceramics possess both Ionic and Covalent bonds.
  2. Strength:The strength of metal is greater than the strength of Ceramics and that is greater than the strength of Polymer.
  3. Distance between atoms:The distance between the atoms of a metal is less than the Ceramics and is less than the Polymers.
  4. Brittleness:The ceramics are brittle in nature.
  5. Conductivity:The ceramics possess bad electrical conductivity because of the absence of free electrons.
  6. Thermal Conductivity: The Ceramics possess bad thermal conductivity but they can sustain at high temperatures easily.
  7. Density:The Density of Metal is greater than Density of Ceramics and that is greater than Density of Polymers.
  8. Corrosiveness:The Ceramics are Anti-Corrosive to the environment because they are already in corrosive form.
  9. Servicing Temperature:The servicing temperature of the metal is 3000̊ C.
  10. Hazardous:It is not hazardous to the environment.
  11. Recyclability:The ceramics are non-recyclable in nature.

These are the top 11 Properties of Ceramics which are discussed in a detailed manner.Hope this article is helpful to you.If  you like this article,share it with the rest of the world.

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