Do you want to know the Top 11 properties of Polymers or Plastics?

Properties of polymers or plastics plays a vital role in the field of Mechanical Engineering.When you want to apply any type of load on a particular member,you need to know its material properties,density etc.For that,in this article,I am exploring the necessary properties of polymers  in a detailed manner.

11 properties of Polymers or Plastics?
Do you want to know the Top 11 properties of Polymers or Plastics?

Top 11 Properties of Polymers or plastics:

The Properties of Polymers or plastics which are essential for any mechanical engineer are as follows:

  1. Bond: It possess a Covalent bond.
  2. Strength: The strength of polymer is low when compared with Metals.
  3. Binding Energy: The formation of C,H&O atoms forms a polymer.The distance between the atoms is more when compared with metals and thereby the Binding energy is low.
  4. Ductility: It possess good ductility also.
  5. Conductivity: The polymers possess bad electrical conductivity because of the absence of free electrons.
  6. Thermal Conductivity: The polymers  possess bad thermal conductivity.
  7. Density: The polymers possess low density which means that the weight of the polymer is less and this is one of the advantage of polymers.
  8. Corrosiveness: The polymers are Anti-Corrosive to the environment.
  9. Servicing Temperature: The servicing temperature of the polymer is 300̊ C.
  10. Hazardous: It is hazardous and is not environmental friendly.
  11. Recyclability: The polymers are recyclable in nature.

These are the top 11 properties of polymers or plastics  which are discussed in a detailed manner.Hope this article is helpful to you.If  you like this article,share it with the rest of the world.

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If you want to suggest any of the other properties of Polymers or Plastics,you are always most welcome.

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