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Radial Drilling Machine:Working Principle,Construction, Mechanism,Types

Radial Drilling Machine: The Purpose of Radial Drilling Machine is to make circular holes on the components with the help of Drill bits.

The Angle of a Drill bit is 118 Degrees.

Working Principle of Radial Drilling Machine:

When the power supply is given, the spindle rotates which was in conjunction with the motor. The Radial arm is adjusted w.r.t the type of operation and height of the workpiece. The spindle is connected to the chuck and the drill bit is placed in between the jaws of the chuck. The Drill head is adjusted on to the workpiece and a suitable feed is given. Then the drill bit drives into the workpiece very easily.

Drive Mechanism of Drilling Machine: Rack and Pinion Mechanism

When the hand wheel is rotated, then the opinion which is attached to the rack also rotates which can convert the rotary motion to the linear motion and the driving mechanism is called as Rack and Pinion mechanism.

Radial Drilling Machine
 Radial Drilling Machine

Construction of Radial Drilling Machine:

The Drilling machine essentially consists of

  1. Base
  2. Column
  3. Radial Arm
  4. Motor for elevating the arm
  5. Elevating screw
  6. Guideways
  7. Motor for driving drill spindle
  8. Drill head
  9. Drill spindle
  10. Table
  • Base: It is made up of Cast Iron which possesses high compressive strength and good wear resistance. The base is used to support the assembly of parts on it and also absorbs the vibrations induced by the machine parts.
  • Column: It is exactly placed at one end of a bed which can act as a support for rotating the radial arm in 360 degrees.
  • Radial Arm: It is the arm which is connected to Column. The Drill head is slided from one end to another end by the guideways.
  • Motor: It is placed on the drill head for driving the work unit(Spindle of the Drill bit)
  • Table: The machine vice is connected to a swivel table which can hold the workpiece for further operation.
  • Flywheel or Hand wheel: It is connected to the spindle arrangement which is used to move up and down w.r.t. the workpiece.
  • Drive Head: It generally consists of two levers which by varying can increase or decrease the speed of chuck.
  • Chuck: One end of the chuck is connected to the spindle arrangement and another end is connected to the drill bit(tool).
  • Tool-Drill bit: The drill bit is used to drill the holes on the specimens.
  • Workpiece: It has to be fixed in the machine vice provided on the table.

Types of Drilling Machines:

  1. Radial drilling machine
  2. Upright drilling machine
  3. Automatic drilling machine
  4. Multiple spindle drilling machine
  5. Deep hole drilling machine
  6. Sensitive drilling machine
  7. Portable drilling machine
  8. Gang drilling machine

This is the explanation of Radial Drilling Machine with its Principle, working, the mechanism involved, Construction and types of Drilling Machine are presented in a detailed manner.


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