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Resistance Spot Welding:Concept,Advantages, Limitations and Applications

The heat required for melting and joining of the plates is obtained through electrical resistance of the circuit is called Resistance Welding Operation. It is classified as follows.

  1. Resistance Spot Welding
  2. Resistance Seam
  3. Projection Welding
  4. Percusion Welding

In this Article, I will be discussing the Resistance Spot Welding Operation in a detailed manner.

resistance spot welding
resistance spot welding

Resistance Spot Welding Operation:

  • It is a Resistance Spot Welding process, in which two or more metal sheets are joined together by means of spot welds.
  • The workpieces to be welded are pressed between the tips of Copper electrodes and high current at low voltages is passed through the workpieces.
  • Due to the resistance offered by the workpieces ( sheet metal ) to the flow of current, the temperature at the contact surfaces rises to fusion point and the weld is formed in the form of a nugget.
  • A nugget is a weld formed in between the workpieces.
  • No filler material is used in the Resistant spot welding Process.
  • The operation is repeated ‘n’ no. of times to get the spot weld at the desired location.
  • The most commonly used electrode materials in resistance welding are Copper(Cu), Tungsten, Copper-Tungsten Alloy etc.

Advantages of Resistance Spot Welding

  • Easy automation
  • Low fumes
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • No filler materials are required.

Disadvantages of Resistance Spot Welding

  • Low strength in the case of discontinuous welds.
  • High equipment cost.
  • The thickness of welded sheets is limited – 6 mm only.

Applications of Resistance Spot Welding

Resistance Spot Welding is

  • Used for joining of vehicle body parts
  • Fuel tanks
  • Railway tracks
  • Pipes of gas oil and water pipelines
  • Domestic radiators
  • Turbine blades

This is the explanation of Resistance Spot Welding with its Concept, Advantages, Limitations, and Applications in a detailed way.

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