(130+Updated) Robotics Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students: Robotics is the interdisciplinary branches of science and engineering that includes Mechanical,Electrical,Computer science Engineering and others.Robotics deals with the Design, Construction,Operation and the usage of Robots.

Doing the Robotics Projects in this field enables the students to make their project a successful one in an effective way.Therefore,In this article,I will be exploring the list of 130+ updated Robotics Projects for Mechanical and Diploma students in a broader way.

(130+Updated) Robotics Projects List for Mechanical and Diploma Students


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(130+Updated) Robotics Projects List:

A list of about (130+Updated) Robotics Projects are enclosed in this article which are mentioned below in an effective way.

  1. A Project on Artificial Neural Network Based Autonomous Mobile Robot
  2. Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot
  3. A Project on Robotic Elevator
  4. Design of Intelligent Solar Tracker Robot for Surveillance
  5. A Project on Solar Powered Robotic Crane
  6. Design of a Robot System for cleaning external glass walls of buildings
  7. PLC Based Robotic Arm Control System
  8. A Project on Mines Diffuser robot
  9. Smart Host Microcontroller Based Solar Powered Tool with Robotic Arm
  10. A Project on Hydraulic Piston Robot
  11. A Project on Robotic Grass cutter
  12. WI- FI Based Robot Control by Webpage Interface
  13. Design of simple Roller Robot with Wireless Camera
  14. A Project on Anti-Tank Weapon Robot
  15. Design of a Stair climbing Robot
  16. Dynamic Behavior Analysis for a Six Axis Industrial Robot
  17. Implementation of Self-Parking Robotic Car
  18. Smoke and LPG Gas Detection Robot with Wireless Control
  19. A Project on Fire Extinguisher Robot
  20. Implementation of Autonomous Agile Aerial Robot
  21. Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Android Smart Phone
  22. PC Controlled Human Detection Robot
  23. A Project on Robotic Cam Boat
  24. A Project on an Implementation of Intelligent Robotic Fish
  25. A Project on Autonomous Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  26. A Project on Infrared Remote Control Robot
  27. Implementation of Ball Tracking Robot
  28. Touch Screen Controlled Multipurpose Spy Robot Using Zig bee
  29. A Project on Microcontroller Based Line Following Robot
  30. A Project on Wireless Robotic Arm
  31. A Project on Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  32. A Project on Rope Traversing Robot with Surveillance Capability
  33. A Project on Automatic Steering Control robot
  34. A Project on Arduino Based Quadruped Robot
  35. Design and Implementation of Tree Climbing Robot
  36. A Project on Human Joint Control Robot
  37. FPGA Based Five Axis Robot Arm Controller
  38. A Project on Color Guided Material Handling Robot
  39. GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot
  40. A Project on Small-Size Soccer Playing Robot
  41. A Project on Photo Sensitive Robot
  42. Analysis of Gender and Age Group Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
  43. A Project on Automated System Design for Metro Train
  44. PLC Based Automatic Filling Machine
  45. Autonomous Robot for Target Detection and Shooting
  46. Implementation of Cube Solving Robot
  47. A Project on Hydraulic Robot
  48. Design of a Surface Cleaning Robot
  49. Metal Detector Robot Using Microcontroller
  50. Intelligent Data Acquisition Robot for Industrial Monitoring
  51. A Project on Voice Command Robot
  52. A Project on Heavy Duty Robot Racer with Wireless Control
  53. Accelerometer Based Robot Motion and Speed Control with Obstacle Detection
  54. Eye Controlled Wheelchair System for Physically Challenged
  55. A Project on Robotic Boat
  56. Solar Powered Automatic Paddy and Corn Collector Robotic Vehicle
  57. Autonomous Surveillance Robot with Path Tracking Capability
  58. Autonomous Chess-playing Robot
  59. A Project on Trolley Pick and Place Robot
  60. A Project on Magnetic Levitation of Train
  61. An RFID Based Serving Robot
  62. An Implementation of Self Balancing Robot
  63. An Implementation of Land Survey Robot
  64. Wireless Surveillance Robot with Motion Detection and Live Video Transmission
  65. Head Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  66. A Project on Robotic Spider
  67. Design of Microcontroller Based Edge Avoider Robot
  68. Arduino Based Robot Controlled by TV Remote
  69. Design of Rescue Robot and Pipeline Inspection Using Zigbee
  70. PLC Microcontroller Based Auto Tracking Robot
  71. Raspberry Pi Based Humanoid Robot
  72. Mobile Phone Controlled Four Legged Walking Robot
  73. A Project on Robotic wheel chair
  74. A Project on Solar Powered Robotic Car
  75. A Project on Object Finder Robot
  76. MEMS Sensors Controlled Haptic Forefinger Robotic Aid
  77. Implementation of Lane Detection Autonomous Car Using Raspberry Pi
  78. Intelligent Gesture Controlled Wireless Wheelchair
  79. Actuator Design for Arc Welding Robot
  80. Rope Traversing Robot with Surveillance Capability
  81. Mobile Robot Navigation System with RFID and Ultrasonic Sensors
  82. Car Driving System to Assist the Physically Challenged Persons
  83. Design and Analysis of Parallel Robot for Surgical Applications
  84. A Project on Gas Pressure Robot
  85. Self-rappelling Robot System for Inspection and Rescue Applications
  86. A Project on Sumo Robot
  87. Autonomous Farming Robot with Plant Health Indication
  88. Eye-Base Domestic Robot Allowing Patient to Be Self-Services and Communications Remotely
  89. Arduino Operated Robotic Lawnmower Power by Solar Energy
  90. Electric Guitar Playing Robot
  91. A Project on Robotic Vehicle with Crane
  92. FPGA Based Robotic Arm with Six Degrees of Freedom
  93. A Project on Domestic cleaner Robot
  94. Design of a Wireless Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm with Vision
  95. A Project on Track Pick and Place Robot
  96. Automatic Fire Sensing and Extinguishing Robot
  97. An RFID Warehouse Robot
  98. Control of Mobile Robot for Pipe Line Inspection
  99. Design and Implementation of Intelligent Ground Vehicle
  100. A Project on Automatic Wall Paining Robot
  101. A Project on Voice Operated Intelligent Elevator
  102. War Field Spying Robot With Night Vision Wireless Camera
  103. A Project on Robotic arm with moving platform
  104. Web Based Embedded Robot For Safety And Security Applications Using Zigbee
  105. DTMF Controlled Robot without Microcontroller
  106. A Socially Assistive Robot for the Elderly and Cognitively Impaired
  107. Implementation of an Omni Wheels Robot
  108. A Project on Thermoelectric gas pressure Robot
  109. Vehicle Anti Collision Using Ultrasonic Signals
  110. Garbage Collection Robot Using Wireless Communication Technology
  111. A Domestic Robot for Security Systems Using Zigbee Technology
  112. A Project on Irrigation Robot
  113. Monitor and Control of an Excavator Robot
  114. A Project on Automatic Scrap Collecting Robot
  115. Design of GPS-Guided Mobile Robot
  116. Arduino Based Robotic Manipulator
  117. Design and Implementation of Snow Plow Robot
  118. Arduino Based Smart Boat with Obstacle Detection
  119. Remote Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Vehicle
  120. Design of Amphibian Robot
  121. Arduino Based Photovore or Light Seeking Robot
  122. Design and Development of Wall Climbing Robot
  123. Design of an Unmanned Vehicle using a GSM Network with Microcontrollers
  124. Autonomous Indoor Helicopter Flight using a Single Onboard Camera
  125. Design of RF Based Speed Control System for Vehicles
  126. A Project on An Intelligent Combat Robot
  127. A Microcontroller Based Four Fingered Robotic Hand
  128. Automation of Object Sorting Using an Industrial Robot
  129. A Project on Tank Robot
  130. Design of Fruit Plucking Robot
  131. Wall Climber Robot
  132. Design of a Robot for Application in the Electrical Field with Narrow and Hazardous Space

This is the complete list of updated 130+ Robotics Projects which will be helpful to the students of Robotics and Mechanical Engineering.Hope this list of Robotics Projects will be helpful to you.

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