How to crack the concepts of Speed maths and Puzzles?

Speed maths and Puzzles:Speed maths is the ancient technique used for solving the concepts in a less period of time.Now a days as the technology is ahead,we are using advanced calculators,computers to solve the problems in an effective way.But in the case of exams,we are unable to solve the problems because of the usage of calculators in our daily life.Therefore,in this article,I will be explaining about all the concepts of speed maths and Puzzles in a detailed manner with the help of audio facility. 

How to crack the concepts of Speed maths and Puzzles
How to crack the concepts of Speed maths and Puzzles

Explanation of speed maths and Puzzles:

The simple techniques are used in the videos of speed maths which can be used to beat any competitive exam and are shown below.

The first video shown below explains about the Multiplication of two numbers by IXI Technique and is as follows.

The Second video illustrates the explanation about the Multiplication of two Matrices with the help of Calci-fx-991ES and is as follows.

The Third video explains about the Puzzle between the Fish and the Fisherman.The problem is little bit tricky whose explanation is shown below.

The fourth video explains you about guessing the Age and it is absolutely correct with respects to the trick presented in the below video.

This is the complete explanation about speed maths,Puzzles,Multiplication of two numbers,Multiplication of two matrices,Guessing the age,puzzle on Fish and fisherman in a detailed way.Hope these videos are helpful to you.

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