Engineering Workshop MECHANICAL THEORY

Striking Tools Used in Engineering Workshop

Striking Tools Used in Engineering Workshop: These tools are used to strike or hit the workpiece by the application of external force.

The Three Types of striking tools used in carpentry workshop are as follows.

1. Cross-peen hammer

2. Claw hammer

3. Mallet

Striking tools used in engineering workshop
Striking tools used in an engineering workshop

1. Cross-peen hammer:

  • It has a cast Steel body and a wooden handle.

  • The body has two parts. They are:face and Peen.

  • In cross peen hammer, the peen is in the form of narrow round edge used to remove the unwanted material from the workpiece.

2.Claw hammer:

  • It is used for striking as well as for pulling the nails from the wood.

  • The claw face is used for pulling out the nails and the head face is used to drive the nails.

  • It is made up of cast Steel.


  • It is used to strike the chisel that has a wooden handle.

  • It is made up of hardwood and is round or rectangle in shape.

    These are the different Striking Tools used in Engineering Workshop.

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