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Top 25 Mechanical Engineering Schools in World [2018-2019]

Mechanical Engineering is a lucrative career platform for students who are passionate about both the technical and creative aspects of product design. Unlike other engineering fields, mechanical engineers are employed in nearly every kind of business and industry. From small startups to Fortune 500 organizations, every industry hand-pick the best mechanical engineer. Thus, the students who graduate from the best mechanical engineering schools always have an upper hand in bagging high package jobs.

So, to help you in selecting the best, we’ve chalked out a list of top mechanical engineering schools in the world. Read along.

Top 25 Mechanical Engineering Schools in World [2018-2019]

List of Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the World

Studying at one of the top mechanical engineering colleges is like a dream come true. However, achieving this dream doesn’t come easy. You have to work hard to get good grades and be eligible for admission. Also, you have to be quick in applying to these colleges as the seats are minimal and competition is cutthroat. Given that, we’re sharing a list of 25 high-ranking mechanical engineering schools you need to set your eyes upon.

1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the world’s topmost mechanical engineering schools. According to US News & World Report, it is ranked number one for its undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering programmes. The education culture at MITMECHE entirely goes beyond classroom learning.

The school believes in nurturing students from the core and prepares them to make a global impact with their learning. Other than offering quality education and hands-on learning, MITMECHE is known for its financial assistance. The institution presents various types of scholarships to provide financial aids to students who are unable to pay the programme fee. 

2.Georgia Institute of Technology

Consistently securing its position under the top 5 mechanical engineering schools, Georgia Institute of Technology is noteworthy for its mechanical engineering programme. Apart from strongly educating students about the engineering fundamentals, the school also offers them hands-on design opportunities.

Founded in 1885, Georgia Tech also combines research opportunities for the aspirants of mechanical engineering. Students do not have to look for other colleges or schools for completing their higher education. In fact, the best part about Georgia Tech is – the programme is streamlined on credit hours basis. Students are required to complete a requisite amount of time on each level to move onto the next level.

3.Purdue University

Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University is the world’s best mechanical engineering university. With highly experienced professors and faculty in its arsenal, the institution is known for its legendary alumni like Neil Armstrong, CNR Rao (Indian Chemist) and Orville Redenbacher (popcorn entrepreneur).

At Purdue University, students not only attain impeccable education, but they are also encouraged to participate in athletics and be a part of significant student bodies. Most of all, the programme fee at Purdue is far minimal than other institutions. And, it is fair to admit that this mechanical college is best for those who are in search of a full package deal. 

4.Harvard University

Preserving its position to be the world-renowned university, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is among the best mechanical engineering schools. The institution offers two carefully streamlined programmes for the aspirants of mechanical engineering.

These programmes include Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) in Engineering Sciences and Bachelor of Science (S.B.) in Mechanical Engineering. While both the programmes offer equal-level of ME curriculum, students can choose either one to pursue a career in ME. However, if you’re looking for core mechanical engineering programme, Bachelor of Science (S.B.) in Mechanical Engineering is highly suggested. 

5.Stanford University

Stanford University is located in Stanford, California. Recognized for its academic strength and proximity to Silicon Valley, Stanford is one of the nation’s oldest, and top, universities. Since its foundation, the mechanical engineering program is one of the original university departments. Every year millions and billions of students apply to get a spot in this university. Only a few are fortunate to get in.

Through Stanford’s mechanical engineering program you will take classes on everything from mechatronics to nano- and micro-mechanics. This is thus a highly interdisciplinary degree, but it also provides a foundation in both mechanical and computational engineering.

6.KTH Royal Institute of Technology

For over 100 years, KTH Royal Institute of Technology is consistently ranked as one of the excellent institutes of mechanical engineering. With a strong history of international reputation for brilliance, the university continues to nurture the world’s intelligent minds, helping to shape the future.

The main purpose of the KTH’s mechanical engineering department is to provide qualified mechanical engineers to the world and to expand the horizon of knowledge among students. The mechanical engineering (ME) programme includes the following two specializations:

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering programme
  • Mechanical Power Engineering programme
  1. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is Ireland’s most prestigious technical university. Mechanical Engineering (Baccalaureus in Arte Ingeniaria) being one of the oldest programmes of the university has been taught in TCD since 1842.

The programme is divided into five-years where two freshman years are common for all Engineering students. Subsequently, two sophomore years are structured for specialization, and a fifth year to obtain the MAI (Masters in the Art of Engineering) degree.

Conventional lectures as well as assignments, seminars, and laboratory experiments are major highlights of the programme. Students graduating from TCD find placement in companies like Intel, Pfizer, Jaguar, BMW, Deloitte, Accenture, etc., with a hefty package. 

8.Peking University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Peking University has been consistently ranked as the top schools in China. Based in Bejing, this university is highly recognized for its excellent faculty who greatly value teaching with diligence and dedication.

Students who graduate from Peking University widely secure top positions in both academic and employer reputation. Besides, the Peking University collaboration with Stanford University also provides students with the benefit of learning Asian culture while excelling in the field of mechanical engineering. Other than this, the faculty also encourages the students to innovate new technologies for understanding the dynamics of ME.

9.The University of Tokyo

The Univesity of Tokyo is one of the largest and oldest private universities. With over hundreds of undergraduate and graduate programmes available for the students, the university experiences high admission in its mechanical engineering department.

Learning from the most experienced faculty members, the students obtain knowledge on the four fundamental disciplines, namely, material mechanics, mechanical dynamics, thermodynamics and hydrodynamics.

Moreover, when a student enrols in the ME programme of Tokyo University, they are prepared to contribute in the sustainability and development of the society responsibly. Also, the students are encouraged to actively participate in research that may lead to new technological advancements. 

10.IIT Bombay

With an average fee of less than $2k, IIT Bombay (IITB) secures high popularity ration for its mechanical engineering programme. Housing a band of high calibre students, this engineering college offers nothing but the best. The favourable student-teacher ratio in mechanical engineering programme ensures high-quality education with an equal focus on each student.

Also known for its commendable placement record, getting admission in IITB is an achievement for millions of students. Similarly, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Madras also join the league of being the world’s top mechanical engineering schools.

11.University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge is recognized as a world wide leader in the field of law, technology education and research. This second oldest UK entrant ranks best among the mechanical engineering schools and colleges. Adding stars to its badge, the University of Cambridge also retains excellent scores for academic and employer reputation.

It offers unique undergraduate programmes, namely, BA (with Honours) and MEng to mechanical engineering aspirants. The wide selection of electives offers various options while gaining the critical, design and computing skills.

Cambridge’s mechanical engineering degree (MEng) costs £9,250 per year for domestic students and £30,678 per year for overseas students. However, international students applying for admission in Cambridge can also request for financial assistance.

Specific aid like the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust is provided by the university to the needy students regardless of their background and origin.

12.California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a private research university known for its strength in engineering and natural science. Securing its presence in top 20 universities around the world, Caltech’s mechanical engineering program is one of the most popular ones.

The ABET-accredited mechanical engineering degree combines rigorous and fundamental coursework. Besides, students also get a number of opportunities to undertake projects including the iconic solar decathlon, design competition, and research with faculty.

With varied nationalities of students being a part of Caltech, the exposure and learning at this school is par excellent. Also, aspirants who graduate from the mechanical branch are found to be a part of large-scale companies. 

13.Imperial College London

Another mechanical engineering school making in the list of top 25 includes Imperial College London. This UK’s leading institution specializes in four main areas including science, engineering, medicine and business.

Mechanical Engineering being one of its strong suites experiences applications from students in bulk. However, only a handful get through the admission process as the selection totally depends upon students’ high calibre.

However, the professionally accredited ME(mechanical engineering) degree earns students the reward of high-pay packages on completion. Since the programme is expensive, the school also provides financial aid to the students with low household income.

All full-time undergraduates of any nationality are eligible to apply for the President’s Undergraduate Scholarships of £1,000 each available in 2018-19.

14.University of Oxford

Justifying its title, the University of Oxford is more than just an international reputation. It offers its students analytical insights and opportunities to experience each project at a global level. That being said, the Oxford ranks seventh among the world’s top mechanical engineering schools.

At the undergraduate level, it offers ME in Engineering Science that can be selected as a specialization in the third year of the programme. For the ME programme, UK and EU students pay £9,250 a year. On the other hand, fees for overseas students amount to £31,455 per year including the college fee.

The students who cannot afford to pay the fee are eligible to apply for scholarships, a grant for living expenses and a return airfare per year. Besides, if you want to explore life at Oxford University, you can visit the school on the upcoming open day 2018.

15.National University of Singapore (NUS)

National University of Singapore (NUS) is highly admired for the hallmark thoroughness and breadth of its academic programmes. The university is known for its innovative entrepreneurship-based education and experiential learning. And, it applies to all of its offered programmes.

Gaining popularity for its methodical educational approach, NUS’s mechanical engineering programme has become one of the favourites among science enthusiast. The first two semesters of the programme are kept general to set a strong basis of the subject.

Subsequently, in the third-semester students get the option to choose a specialization and/or be a part of a student exchange programme. And, the last semester of the course ends with a research-based project leading to a B.Eng. Dissertation. 

16.Cornell University

Cornell University Cornell’s two largest undergraduate colleges are the College of Engineering and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. This Ivy League university provides basic engineering studies in the first year.

Post that, students are allowed to choose from all the different majors which will enable them to explore options before applying for affiliation in the second year.

The programme offers a wide range of career objectives, including advanced professional engineering education and supervised engineering practice.

17.Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is well-recognized for its programmes in science and technology. The students obtaining mechanical engineering BS degree have the opportunity to partake in research and continue studying. Also, they can easily receive grants or summer fellowships to carry on research in their field of study.

Carnegie University also offer world-class facilities like Tech Spark, state-of-the-art laboratories, Air Quality Lab, CAPS Mobile Lab, Metrology Lab, etc. Some of the most notable people from Carnegie University include C. D. Mote, Jr., Bob Colwell, and Allen Barnett.

18.University of Michigan

The University of Michigan retains its position under top 25 mechanical engineering schools. The university also achieves a very high score for its academic and employer reputation. Continuing to be a world leader in science and technology, the university’s mechanical engineering department is celebrating the 150-year anniversary this year.

That being said, the university offers various undergraduate and graduate ME courses to the students which prepare them for making a significant impact on the world. The mechanical engineers from Michigan University are employed with major Aerospace, Automotive and Chemical industries.

19.Tsinghua University

Aspirants looking for excellent mechanical engineering programmes need look no further than Tsinghua University. Based in Beijing, this university has been ranked as one of the best in the world for science and technology programmes.

While earning an employer reputation of 83.9%, Tsinghua University also believes in nurturing the students with both industry and soft skills. On campus, students are encouraged to explore their passion apart from more than just academic study. Though studying is always a priority, the students also experience life beyond books.

There are 110+ student associations and clubs covering interests such as science and technology, health and fitness, humanities, arts and public welfare. In the midst of learning and education, students are modelled to deal with industry-based problems and meticulously find solutions to them.

20.Seoul National University

Seoul National University’s mechanical engineering department believes in transcending boundaries of education. The programmes offered are streamlined with a focus to develop future-oriented, creative engineers. The mechanical engineering department also believes in training the students to grow into global leaders.

For this, they educate them with the latest global literacy skills, including cultural competency, language training, intellectual property, and information management. Also, the programme bolsters the students with the world-class library, modern, refined equipment, and workshop facilities to help attain the best in them.

21.University of Toronto

University of Toronto is among those universities that not only to direct you to financial aid programs but also to help you in budget planning and financial management. Its Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular and highly admired divisions among the students.

Every year the mechanical engineering branch receives a huge number of applications due to its 100% placement record. The department provides the students with technical knowledge and also fosters Research and Development activities through professional courses. The culture at the university is calm and full of ethnicity.

22.McGill University

The department of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University includes more than 30 highly competent and experienced faculty members. The focus of the mechanical programmes is streamlined emphasizing the fundamental analytical disciplines. Under these programmes, students learn how to apply their methodical groundwork to the solution of realistic problems.

The mechanical labs of the university include extensive computational facilities and an avant-garde experimental wind tunnel to encourage practical learning. Other than this, students can also pursue their research interests within the department from the seven areas related to mechanical, production, and industrial engineering. Moreover, students may also select complementary courses to excel their career options.

23.Delft University of Technology

Ranked as the one of excellent universities in the world, Delft University of Technology mainly excels in a number of STEM subjects including civil and structural engineering, mechanical engineering and architecture.

The 161 hectares campus, a botanical garden, restaurants, cycle paths, parks, and a new media centre are some of the main highlights of the university. In very less time, the university has made huge progress both in terms of academic and employer reputation.

Giving credit to the placement records, its mechanical engineering programmes are highly popular among the students. The programmes are structured encompassing communication, business and other subjects that complement the technical subjects to give students well-rounded perspectives.

The dedicated faculty members endeavour to endow quality education and help students be a part of prestigious multi-national companies.

24.Sharda University

Following practical and analytical approach, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Sharda University has marked its presence in the top mechanical engineering schools. Flourishing with huge students’ applications, the mechanical engineering programmes at Sharda attracts students from different countries.

The high-tech automobile lab offers students a chance to learn real-time methods and bring in the best product design. Nurtured under the supervision of National Institutes of Technology (NITs) professors, the mechanical engineers from Sharda have bagged placements in companies like Audi, L&T, TCS, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Bosch, etc. 

25.Technical University of Munich

With an employer reputation of 98.3, Technical University of Munich excels in offering bachelors and master degree programmes in mechanical engineering. Every winter, the university invites students’ applications for the programmes.

Bachelor’s and master’s in mechanical engineering are among the best courses of the university. The programmes are intended to enable suitable students in gaining the knowledge of basic methodology. The highly experienced faculty of ME department ensure the students outshine in both technical and non-technical aspects.

Since now you’ve all the information about the top mechanical colleges, it’s time to make your pick. Choose the best school suiting your every requirement and objective. Good Luck!


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