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Top 50 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India 2018-2019

Given below is the Top 50 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India 2018-2019. When You are searching for the Engineering Colleges, it is difficult for you to know which college has the Mechanical Engineering Branch and which is the best college in India. Considering that, an Author has written an article on Top 50 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India so that you can find all the colleges with Mechanical Branch at one place.

mechanical engineering colleges
Mechanical Engineering Colleges

Top 50 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India 2018-2019:

A detailed Information about the Top 50 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India was listed below.The list includes IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS and some private colleges.Read the Article until the end so that you can come to know what are the best Engineering colleges with the Mechanical branch.

1.IIT, Mumbai

The Department of Mechanical Engineering in India excels in research and teaching.  With eminent and distinguished faculty the students enrolled are given back to the world as top-notch engineers. Students are involved with a lot of projects, internships, researches, and also interdisciplinary activities.

2.IIT, Madras

Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras is one of the Best Engineering Colleges in India Students’ count in the department ranges from 700 undergraduates, 500 graduates, and they have at least 60 faculty members. The department in this institute is one of the largest departments in the continent of Asia. Research is one of the key characteristic of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras.


The department and the members of the department are active throughout the year with several activities since 1946.  The researches are done by the first degree, second degree, and Ph.D. have benefitted the industries, society, and the environment. Mechanical Engineering in BITS Pilani is sponsored by DST-FIST and UGC-SAP. The rich curriculum attracts the meritorious students from all over the country.

4.IIT, Delhi

One of the biggest and the oldest departments is the Mechanical Department at IIT Delhi.  With an objective to prepare the students that are best the department provides two Undergraduates programs, four Masters Programs and also with more than 70 research scholar in its Ph.D. Program.  The department is known for its graduates ending up as leading engineers in large scale industries, in and around the country.

5.IIT, Kanpur

The current focuses of study in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are The study of Solid Mechanics and Design, Nuclear Technology, Fluid Mechanics, and Mechatronics. They have played a vital role in the evolvement of the curriculum which improvised on the “Engineering Science”.

6.NIT, Trichy

One of the finest departments in the country keeps itself updated with the latest technologies, developments, and trends relating to the field of Mechanical Engineering. It is also known for its 100% placements year after year. Students also pursue their higher education in world-class universities because of the facilities for academics and research available for them in NIT.

7.IIT, Roorkee

Founded in the year 1946, the department at present offers students with undergraduate and postgraduate programs. They bolster the students with modern sophisticated equipment, world-class library, and workshop facilities to help with the research in areas related to Mechanical, Production, and Industrial Engineering.

8.IIT, Guwahati

The department continually works for the students to achieve excellence in academics and industrial researches. They not only provide the students with intellectual syllabus but also a taste of practical experiences once they clear JEE Main. They have the technical facility of a workshop in teaching that caters the needs of the students to make them better engineers.


Within a few years, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mining Machinery Engineering gained popularity and increased the size of students with a mission to deliver the solutions and provide sustenance and protection of the society. The department provides the students with technical knowledge and also fosters Research and Development activities through professional courses.

10.PSG, Coimbatore

The department has a highly skilled team of over 60 faculties to meet the needs of around 850 undergraduate students, 150 postgraduate students, and other full time and part time research scholars. They have well equipped advanced labs, which are established in collaboration with government agencies and pioneering industries.

11.IIT, Kharagpur

The department provides the students with undergraduate and advanced studies under the broad fields Applied Mechanics and Engineering Design, Manufacturing Processes and Systems, and Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT BHU specializes in the fields of Machine Design, Thermal and Fluid Engineering, and Industrial Management. They have well-established postgraduate and doctoral programs with excellent infrastructural facilities.

13.NIT, Surathkal

Its first priority is to give the students with updated Mechanical Engineering education that is driven by the technological advancements and an excellent curriculum.  The department has a good rapport with the industry, alumni, stakeholders, and other research organizations.

14.NIT, Warangal

The Department of Mechanical Engineering acts as the global knowledge hub with regard to education, research, and industrial areas. They have developed important linkages with world educational institutions and organizations.

15.Birla Institute of Technology

The facilities offered by the department in their laboratories are immense and very modern. The dedicated faculty members strive hard to make world-class engineers who are sought by many prestigious multi-national companies.It is also one of the best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India.

16.Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology

The department is divided into three academic streams to put their fullest potential, which is Design Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering, and Thermal Engineering.  They serve as the center of excellence in education and research.

17.Jadavpur University

Founded in 1906 under the National Council of Education, Bengal the department is popular for its various research projects that involve organizations like DRDO, NSTL, DST etc.

18.Malaviya National Institute of Technology

With a dedicated faculty team, who are experienced and highly motivated to the students. The students are engaged in experiments, design work, industrial training, that enhances the process of learning.

19.Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology

The collaboration with global educational institutes provide the students with exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and dual campus degrees. They produce quality professional in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

20.Visvesraya National Institute of Technology

They provide high standard Mechanical Engineers in Tissue Engineering, Fuel Cell, and Component Testing. They have extraordinary laboratories with an addition of latest equipment. Classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, internet, and smart board.

21.Manipal Institute of Technology

Recognized as a Quality Improvement Program minor Center by MHRD, Government of India, the department boosts with research activities and innovative teaching methods to improve the quality of education to the students.

22.College of Engineering, Pune

Stands as a leader amongst the other engineering institutions in India by offering a value-based world-class education. Students continue to constantly pursue excellence with their offered undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.

23.Punjab Engineering College

The department develops the professional potential for society by imparting quality education to the students of Mechanical Engineering. They have developed excellent associations with Research and Development organizations.

24.Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat

The department with a superior level of intellectual faculty provides Mechanical Engineering programs at various levels that would encourage them to read with a critical mind, reason with an analytical sense, and communication and apply the knowledge professionally.

25.Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology

The department helps the students to apply their creative imagination and professional skills by imparting technical knowledge to the students. They promote the students to innovate new technologies with various collaborations and interdisciplinary activities.

26.National Institute of Technology, Durgapur

The Department of Mechanical Engineering provides the students with three PG specializations that are Machine Design, Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. The department keeps itself updated with the latest technological advancements and machinery.

27.NIT, Rourkela

Known for its vast research fields, they focus on Robotics, Mechanical Vibration, Metal Forming, manufacturing, CFD, and Cryogenics. NIT Rourkela has sponsors from BRNS, DST, HBL etc. that provide Mechanical Engineers having a superior technical and ethical responsibility for this society and industry.

28.R V College of Engineering

With a growing number in sponsored research, consultancy, testing, and characterization the department focuses in the field of development of materials, processing, and design. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs for the students to pursue their passion in Mechanical Engineering.

29.Veeramata Jijabai Technological Institute

The department runs at a pace to catch up with the development of computer-aided techniques of designing and manufacturing with respect to the science of Robotics and CAD/CAM. Apart from the undergraduate and postgraduate program they also offer diploma courses in Mechanical Engineering.

30.University College of Engineering (Osmania University)

They provide a higher degree of education in the concepts of subject content using Computers and Audio Visual equipment for the students to meet the current industrial requirement. The important highlight is that the department constantly reviews and revises they syllabus every year thereby staying updated. 

31.NIT, Kurukshetra

They always provide the students with practical knowledge and the faculty plays a vital role in motivating the students to explore the resources provided by the department.

32.Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is always committed to the wellbeing and the all-round development of the students in their undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. 

33.Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering

The department with the approved research center of Anna University engages in contemporary research in association with large-scale industries and other international institutions. Their major research areas include Heat Transfer, Porous Media Flows, and Thermal Energy Storage.

34.Bangalore Institute of Technology

Their strength lies in its highly qualified and experienced faculty bolstering the students with their constant support. They thread together the talents of the students and the latent expertise to bring out the finest engineers for the nation.

35.Vellore Institute of Technology

They are funded by several government agencies like DRDO, ISRO, AICTE, BRNS, and DST. They are known for their several laboratories like Machine shop, CNC Machining Lab etc and the classrooms that are well designed for a pleasant learning atmosphere.

36.Coimbatore Institute of Technology

The department has served as a role model for many educational institutions in and around the city of Coimbatore. They have continuously researched and developed that led to the betterment of machines and processes helping the society.


Ever since the establishment of the school of Mechanical Engineer in the year 1984, it has grown to produce best mechanical engineers of the country. Their research focuses on Disc Wear Testing Machine, TIG welding, Stir-Casting Furnace, Material Characterization test facilities.

38.Maharashtra Institute of Technology

They play an important role in the field of armed forces, Space Research Organization, Steel Plants etc. The department has a library of its own with thousands of books and research papers. Each semester has theories, paper presentations, practical, teamwork, and orals for the Mechanical Engineering Students.

39.Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada

The Department of Mechanical Engineering attracts the students from all over the country with its extraordinary rich diversity and the faculty team filled with talented individuals. The faculty actively researches through their students.

40.Thiagarajar College of Engineering

The department has an approved Research center for Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs and focuses on Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, CNC Machining, Robotics, and Nano Technology.  It is one of the Top Engineering Colleges in India and one of the best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India.

41.NIT, Hamirpur

The department houses various labs such as Theory of Machines, Dynamics of Machinery, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning etc. They have major advanced equipment available for the students in these laboratories for them to have a practical knowledge of Mechanical Engineering.

42.National Institute of Technology, Patna

Established in 1924, the institute is the second oldest Engineering College in India.  They provide high-quality practical education to the students of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.

43.Amity College of Engineering

The department has a practical, hands-on experience of teaching. The students are given ample opportunity and exposure to work on innovative and intriguing projects with respect to the theoretical concepts that have been taught.

44.National Institute of Technology, Raipur

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at NIT, Raipur produces innovative and successful engineering for the nation and remains as a valuable resource for the society and the environment. The students after clearing the JEE Main are given with opportunities to create and apply the knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

45.National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur

The mechanical engineering students are trained to equip with the best technical knowledge to meet the current demanding scenario of the industry. They have the infrastructure and provide continuous motivation to the students to pursue various researches in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

46.HBTU, Kanpur

The department acts as the Quality Improvement Program (QIP) for Ph.D. and provides both full time and part time postgraduate programs. They also extend to Testing and Consultancy work for various organizations and industries.It is also one of the best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India.

47.B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology

The distinguished faculty and the updated laboratories depict the diverse interests in research. Their research ranges from Mechatronics to Manufacturing Science. They also collaborate with prestigious institutes of the country and abroad.It is also one of the best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India.

48.Delhi Technological University

One of the key features of the department is that they have a bio-diesel research. Their research projects are sponsored by several government organizations such as the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. They have a team called Team Extreme and participate in various international events and competitions.

49.SRM University

One of the top ranking universities and Top Engineering Colleges in India, SRM offers the students of Mechanical Engineering with the latest technology and machinery for their theoretical knowledge to be put in practice and research on various fields for the betterment of this industrial world.

50.Anna University

One of the premier institutions in Tamil Nadu, the Department of Mechanical Engineering provides the students with excellent learning and research opportunities during their undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. They have been established in the year 1894.

This is the complete information about the Top 50 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India 2018-2019 in a detailed way.

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