Top 7 reasons for a Mechanical Engineering student to become the Victim of Unemployment

Whenever you say to anyone that I am a Mechanical Engineering student, then they will say, Arey Bhai “Yeh tho Evergreen Branch Hai”.Now to the current position, the mechanical engineering student thinks w.r.t. the stranger’s voice is “Kya baigan ka Evergreen hai”, No jobs, nothing.

  • Generally, Mechanical Engineering is called the mother of all the branches of Engineering because if you see, the mechanical engineering systems are basically equipped with Electrical, Software, Mechanical, Robotics etc.
  • We(Mechanical Engineering Students) are strong enough to face any hurdles in life. We can stand in the hot weather, make our self dirty with oil and can do the work much more effective without any tiredness.
  • After, all these achievements embedded in the Mechanical Engineering student, they are still victims of Un-employment. How is this possible and what are the reasons for a Mechanical Engineering student to become the victim of unemployment was discussed in this article.
Top 7 reasons for a Mechanical Engineering student to become the Victim of Unemployment
Top 7 reasons for a Mechanical Engineering student to become the Victim of Unemployment

Top 7 Reasons of a Mechanical Engineering student to become the victim of Unemployment are as follows:

The 7 reasons for a Mechanical Engineering student are as follows:

1.Colleges or Universities behavior:

This plays an important role in the life of a Mechanical Engineering student. The exposure of every student depends upon the behavior of college only. If the college is unable to produce the best students, then it is the responsibility of the college to change their behavior to make the student as well as college successful.

Colleges or Universities behaviour-Mechanical Engineering

  • Most of the colleges are still using the old syllabus. They are not at all aware of the latest technology. Whereas private organizations can make their syllabus in their own way and which is far better than the Govt. colleges.
  • Moreover, the students cannot take active participation in various activities but they take passive participation in writing assignments, lab notes, lab records etc. during their entire course.
  • In order to make the college and student success, the management has to change their behavior by providing the best syllabus and active participation in all the activities.

2.Waste of Time:

  • Most of the engineering students can waste their valuable time by chit chatting in the class, chatting on the WhatsApp, available 24 hours on facebook etc.
Waste of Time-Mechanical Engineering
Waste of Time-Mechanical Engineering
  • If they use this time in any other activity, they can be successful. Consider me(Assistant Professor by Designation & Mechanical Blogger @ by passion). I had started my journey from Engineering Final year and recently I had credited an amount of $100 from Google Adsense. This has to be adopted away from our academic curriculum.
  • If they are unable to cope up with time, then they cannot stand in the real world.

3.Lack of Participation:

Lack of Participation-Mechanical Engineering
Lack of Participation-Mechanical Engineering
  • Apart from the theoretical, students have to explore their ideas to the practical applications also.
  • For that, they should have to visit industries to understand in a better way.
  • The top colleges get permission very easily but the small colleges are unable to get permission and this makes the lack of participation in industrial applications.
  • Again, if the college stands in all the situations, then the Mechanical Engineering student can be successful at the initial stages itself.


  • The assignments are playing a big role in all the Engineering colleges today in India. Assignments are also present in other countries but there is no chance to be photocopied because each and every assignment is to be passed through a test.
Assignments-Mechanical Engineering
Assignments-Mechanical Engineering
  • If he/she takes below 25% of the information from (Google) or Textbooks then only the assignment is to be considered. Else it is not.
  • Whereas in India, we can take the photocopies of our friend and do the business of “Copy and Paste”.
  • From this, we can get nothing. But you can get the best reward of

 Knowledge =Zero;

 Effort =Physical Effort;

 Mental Effort =Zero;

 Time = Waste;

 Time saved = Zero.

5.Choosing Of Electives:

  • Mostly, electives are the one which can be useful for a Mechanical Engineering student to make his career successful because these electives may play a role in your job also.
Choosing Of Electives-Mechanical Engineering
Choosing Of Electives-Mechanical Engineering
  • But, most of the colleges do not ask the students about their interest, instead, they can choose any of the subjects to depend upon the faculty available.
  • By this how can the student be helpful?
  • If the management is closing the chance of choosing electives in their semesters.How the student can be successful. So, this has to be changed first.

6.Mechanical Designer Job:

  • If you ask any student of Mechanical Engineering about what do you want to become in your future then he will say “Sir, Mechanical Designer, sir”.
  • But considering the reality, only 2%-5% of the students can get the Mechanical Engineering job and rest of the Mechanical Engineering students are placed as Maintenance Engineer, Quality Control, Managers etc.
Mechanical Designer Job-Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Designer Job-Mechanical Engineering
  • As they think that they are going to make their future as a designer, but they cannot find the needs to become a Mechanical Designer.
  • They just pass the time and they think that they will sit in AC rooms, draw some 2D sketches in AUTOCAD etc. But, this does not hold good for a Mechanical Engineering Student.
  • So, their interest has to be changed w.r.t. any field in Mechanical Engineering. Then only they can survive else it is impossible to survive in Mechanical Engineering.


  • Most of the engineering students can read one day before the examination and can get the marks very easily bypassing all the subjects.
  • They are very intelligent that they can crack any subject however the question paper it might be.
  • But, their knowledge is up to writing the question paper only. When the exam is completed they can forget everything.
marks in mechanical engineering
  • When they go to the interview they cannot able to recollect the basic information also.
  • So, this has to be avoided by listening to the class lectures every day, writing the notes and paying attention towards the latest technologies in their field.

So, these are the Top 7 Reasons for a Mechanical Engineering student to become the victim of Unemployment. If the Mechanical Engineering student focuses on all these reasons, then he might be able to pick any job of their interest in their core region.

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Hope this article is helpful to you. If you want to write furthermore reasons for a Mechanical Engineering student to become the Victim of Unemployment, you can write down in the form of comments.

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  1. I think that judging by the economical climate, any student is in danger of joining the unemployed queue after graduation. I chose to enter the field of engineering as an apprentice straight from school, working my way up and avoiding huge college costs

    1. Author

      Hello @Carolyn..I understand the situation of yours and I know that who ever are excel in their studies,Extra curricular activities etc. can get a brighter job as their career.But,the post is for those who are not willing to study Mechanical Engineering but the environment makes him to sit in the class and most of the engineering colleges are not providing suitable interest towards their future was the main idea behind writing this post.

      Thanks @Carolyn for posting the comment…

  2. hlo sir,glad to read this article.. thanks for your valuable pieces of advices … I am also mechanical graduate engineer will you plz help me how to move from here , i am eagerly wait for your reply on my mail plz ..


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