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5+Types of Dies used in Sheet Metal Operations:Simple Die,Compound, Progressive, Transfer Die etc

5+Types of Dies used in Sheet Metal Operations at respective stages and strokes:Hello guys, we had discussed about Press working Operations/Sheet Metal Operations in the previous post. Just go through it, so that you can understand easily the current topic on Types of dies.

Definition of Die:

A die is a specialized tool used in manufacturing industries to cut or shape the material mostly using a Press.

Applications of Dies:

Like molds,dies are generally customized to the item they are used to create.Products made with dies range from simple paper clips to complex pieces used in advanced technology.

In this article,I will be exploring about the 5+ Types of Dies used in Sheet Metal Operations at respective stages and strokes.

6 Different Types of Dies:

The different types of dies used in sheet metal operations are as follows:

  1. Simple Die
  2. Compound Die
  3. Progressive Die
  4. Transfer Die
  5. Combination Die
  6. Multiple Die
5+Types of Dies used in Sheet Metal Operations at respective stages and strokes

The Detailed Explanation of all the above mentioned dies are described below.

Types of Dies-Explanation:

The different types of dies are as follows.

1.Simple Die:

If only one operation is performed in One Stroke and at One Stage is called as Simple Die.

Simple Die
Simple Die-Types of Dies

2.Compound Die:

If more than one cutting operation is performed in one stroke and at one stage called as Compound Die.


Compound Die
Compound Die-Types of Dies


One component is produced for stroke.Hence,production rate is high.


  • Both of the methods of reducing the punch force cannot be used.Therefore,the force required for compound die will be higher.
  • Design and Manufacturing of punch and die combination is difficult if the no. of operations is greater than 3.

3.Progressive Die:

In this,more than one cutting operation will be performed in one stroke but at different stages and punched out sheet is progressing from one stage to another stage for completing the punching operations so that Blanking will be the last operation.

Progressive Die
  • In this also,one component is produced for stroke.Therefore production rate is same as that of compound die.
  • In addition,either by providing the shear or by staggering the punches methadology,the force required will be reduced.
  • In addition,because the operation is performed at different stages,the design and manufacturing of punch and die combination is easier with whatever may be the no.of operations.But the only problem is balancing of forces on the punch head is difficult.

4.Transfer Die:

It is same as that of Progressive die,but the blanking will be the 1st operation so that the blank produced in the 1st stage is travelling from one to another stage for completing punching operations.


When compared to progressive die,the blank has to be set in each and every stage but any type of strap-strip layout is possible to implement.

Transfer Die
Transfer Die-Types of Dies

5.Combination Die:

If more than one Cutting and Forming operations are combined together and performing one stroke at one stage is called Combination Die.

Combination Die


  • Blanking combined with Deep drawing
  • Punching combined with Deep drawing
  • Blanking combined with bending etc.

6.Multiple Die:

In all the above dies,only one component is produced per stroke,but if more than one component is required to be produced more than one of the above dies will be kept in parallel called as multiple die.


To produce 10 washers per stroke,10 compound dies or 10 progressive dies are kept in parallel called as multiple die.

multiple die
multiple die

This is the detailed explanation of different types of dies used in sheet metal operations.



Sheet Metal Operations:

Press working operations/Sheet Metal Operations: The operations performed on the sheets to get the required shape is called sheet metal operations.

Around 10 Sheet Metal Operations can be performed on the sheet and they are as follows.

  1. Punching 
  2. Blanking
  3. Deep drawing
  4. Bending
  5. Perforating
  6. Trimming
  7. Notching
  8. Slitting
  9. Shaving
  10. Lancing

The detailed Explanation about all the above Sheet Metal Operations/Press working operations are presented below in the form of a link. Click it…

Press working operations/Sheet Metal Operations:Punching, Blanking, Deep Drawing, Bending

Click the below links to know:

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