What is Vibration Monitoring and its benefits?

Vibration Monitoring and its benefits:Monitoring the system when it is under vibrations is called as vibration monitoring.Vibrations in the system takes place by many reasons and some are discussed below.In this article,I am going to explain about What is Vibration Monitoring and its benefits in a detailed manner.
What is Vibration Monitoring and its benefits?
What is Vibration Monitoring and its benefits?

Other details of Vibration Monitoring and its benefits:

Explanation of Vibration Monitoring:

How the typical machine problems are detected in a machine when it is under vibration was shown below.

Detect Typical Machine Problems:

  • Imbalance
  • misalignment
  • looseness
  • Rolling element bearing defects
  • Gear defects
  • Pump cavitation etc.

Advantages of Vibration Monitoring:

  • Vibration magnitude is proportional to the magnitude of the problem.
  • Vibration can help to find the location of the fault.
  • Vibration can help to find the cause of the fault.
  • Vibration measurement is non-invasive.
  • Most faults show increased vibrations in an early stage of the deterioration sequence.
  • Vibration can be measured instantaneously.
  • Vibration can indicate severity and deterioration rate of a fault.
Monitoring Benefits:
• Advance indication of developing problems
• Keep people out of hazardous areas
• Protect health, safety, and environment
• Monitor inaccessible equipment

• Complement portable monitoring programs.

The remaining explanation of Vibration monitoring is presented in the PPT which is shown below.

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